Work And Relax

Fortuna Minor + Fortuna Minor → Populus (12)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 20th February 2021

This week we see a very clear progression of your efforts to realise your goals.

Fortuna Minor in the seventh house (Leo) gives a very promising atmosphere to your working with others.

Given that the Pars Solii is in the sixth house (Cancer) it seems that you might have been holding on a little too tightly for a little too long. Indeed, you may have had some fears that matters could get out of hand unless you kept a tight grip on things. But given Flow starts promisingly in Leo you are likely to find that trust and warmth of relationship can be reciprocated. Don’t give away too much too soon, but on the other hand you do need to move things along where you can.

The key to bringing this to life will be to give others the benefit of the doubt. This does not mean you should ignore any true warning signs, but sometimes it helps to look at the bigger picture and to work around differences of opinion.

Fortuna Minor is also in the 12th house (Capricorn) in a quincunx aspect. While this isn’t the easiest of placements. It suggests that you will find you can move two steps forward even if you have to move half a step back in order to make progress. Trust is built, one step at a time. It’s a matter of give-and-take.

You may have some misgivings as to the level of commitment you are willing to make, or indeed, can expect from others. But if you focus more on the work and less on the personalities you will see that you can make progress.

You are likely to find that as trust grows in any endeavour it enriches the relationship. It’s a kind of snowball effect, even if the snowball is moving quite slowly.

The degree to which you can build on your interactions and openly express troubling thoughts in order to find solutions then the more you are likely to receive reassurance. You are also likely to see that trust is expressed slowly, gently and through actions not words.

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Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Populous (12) in the fifth house (Gemini). This is a wonderfully rewarding placement! It shows that after journeying together you can find more than just common ground with others.

This is where the work you have been doing translates into more of a personal relationship. Not only that but what might have been difficult to start with becomes easier and more sociable and pleasant.

As mutual endeavours progress towards a conclusion you are likely to find that you had more in common with others than you expected.

It is the act of working together which builds bonds.

That makes it a shared journey, a shared outcome and a shared victory.

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