Greener Grass

Via + Carcer → Conjunctio (1234)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 21st August 2022

Traditionally the interpretation of a Flow from Via to Carcer like this would run something like: This is the start of a new cycle with lots of new opportunities but they will come with some restrictions.

Given their powerful placement in a conjunction and in the 1st house (Leo), meaning that both the Active Transform and the Pars Luna are all sitting in the same house, there needs to be some subtlety required in the interpretation.

In looking at the geomes you can see a strong duality or polarisation of influences, of opposites combined, if you will:

The light, new, opportunity-filled Via pressed hard against the restricting and limiting force of heavyweight Carcer

The positive side of Via being balanced by the negating and warning signs of the Pars Luna

And these being transformed into communicating, energetic and freely communicating Active Transform Conjunctio in Leo then the light and dark, slow and quick nature of the duality becomes clearer.

Taking the two primary geomes together then, it is likely that the duality manifests as choice, (or rather choices).

Whatever choices you make will therefore not only have payoffs (rewards) but also trade-offs (where what you gain means you miss out on something else). So, whether you choose A or B, both options will have plusses and minuses.

Once you have made your choice you will need to resist the urge to think that the other choice would have been better. The grass was not greener on the other side of the fence. No regrets, please!

Knowing this in advance will likely help prepare you for that eventuality, so you’ll be able to look at the situation more clearly, hopefully.

Another aspect of this need to choose is likely to be (and following on from last week’s Casting) that you feel you are in the middle of it all, that you are the hub and that it’s all resting on your shoulders.

The Pars Luna in the 1st house (Leo) indicates the need to remain watchful. Don’t let your attention waver over trivialities, distractions or flattery.


Greener Grass,, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Conjunctio (1234) also in the 1st house (Leo). This is a good influence in Flow. If you approach situations calmly, using your experience and learning and by taking things one step at a time you are likely to succeed.

What seemed as if it might be a burden turns out to be simply a feeling of being ‘new and unfamiliar’. Don’t let fears of the unknown prevent you from taking on any mantle that is rightfully yours.

The future calls. Dress appropriately, act accordingly.


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