Leave The Baggage Behind

Carcer in the 1st house (Pisces) may not seem to be a comfortable placement at first sight. However, the trine aspect in the Casting brings out the positive qualities of both geome and sign. It suggests that the start of the week brings you the power to really focus your […]

Finding The Cracks

Populus in the 3rd house (Aries) is an emotionally charged placement, it has to be said. Lots of energy and emotions are likely to be swirling around this week. One of the causes of this could be associated with something you want to bring to a conclusion. In truth, however, […]

The Master Knows

Caput Draconis in the 7th house (Leo) suggests that you will be getting ‘input’ from others. Input is in quotes as the communication may not be how you best like to receive it. Given the square aspect in the Casting there seems to be a bit of a difference in […]


Fortuna Minor in the 4th house (Taurus) indicates that there are matters to be sorted out at home this week. Much of this seems to do with maintenance or building of some kind. This could be in terms of relationships but there is a strong indication that this is a […]

Pace Yourself

Conjunctio in the 8th house (Virgo) suggests that there will be much to talk about and listen to this week. The idea of all this communication will be towards making practical changes in an intelligent way. You are likely to be drawn to others who put on a bit of […]