Productive Change

  Scurry, flurry and getting on with things—that seem to be one of the themes in this week’s Casting. There is a degree of ‘productive tension’ in the air, too. Maybe there is a close deadline, perhaps some emotional pressure. Whatever the cause it is a good influence overall. It […]

Princess Of Change

This week there is a strong, archetypally female influence in the Casting with Venus’s loving but potentially fickle emotions having their sway. That said, this is a very positive Casting with a strong trine aspect.   Amissio in the 6th house (Sagittarius) indicates that you will be working towards something […]


This seems like somewhat of a dynamic week with lots to keep you occupied. You might feel like there are demands in several directions at once. There is the possibility of a lot of change and movement generally and all of it requires some determination and persistence to ensure you […]

A Good Reputation

In some Castings it seems there are several possible directions in which the interpretation might progress. I the case of this week’s Casting it seems that there is one principal theme to be addressed: Reputation—keeping it and using it…   Albus in the 10th house (Pisces) suggests that this week […]

Tipping Point

There is an extraordinary lunar influence in the Casting this week. Given the strength of the aspect between the geomes vigilance will be needed to ensure that you are able to capitalise on all the potential benefits open to you and to ensure that you steer your boat away from […]