The Craftsman

Happy new calendar year to all our readers! I hope you were able to make the most of the break and that you are looking forward to the year ahead. Flow seems to want to get us off on the right foot, for sure… This week is all about building […]

Onward And Deeper

Yule is nearly upon us! If you are on the Astrogem mailing list, a member of the Facebook group or read the blog last week you will know that we are preparing for Last and First photographs of the sun. These are the photos of the Last sunset of this […]

Not So Fast

This year Yule falls on the 21st December at 21:48 UT/GMT. All being well I will be taking the annual ‘Last and First’ photos bracketing that time. That means I will take a photograph of sunset on the 21st (the last sun of the solar year) and then another of […]

Reach Out

The Casting has a lovely, simple, single line flow to it this week. It starts with a wider outside influence and works downward and inward. Somewhat unusually the interpretation will therefore start with the Pars.   The Pars Luna is in the 11th house (Virgo). It cautions that what you […]

Look After The Goose

Conjunctio in the 10th house (Leo) shows that this is a good time to channel what you can do. In an interesting follow-up from last week’s Casting this placement means that you need to show your skills as a professional would. Specifically, keep your emotions out of it and don’t […]