Thinking It Through

Laetitia in the 1st house (Libra) indicates that there seems to be a degree of uncertainty, lack of clarity or diffuse elements to your plans at the moment. It’s almost like there is a puzzle to sort out in your current situation which you need to sort out. You are […]

Mine The Gold

Albus in the 2nd house (Scorpio) indicates the first of the changes you will have to deal with this week. In fact the phrase ‘first of the changes’ should be taken broadly in order to include a change of depth and intensity of change in a single area, not simply […]

Maturing Harvest

Puella in the 1st house (Virgo) produces increased thoughts and plans for your personal improvement this week. It would pay you not to be too critical of yourself and circumstances, however, as matters are actually moving in the direction they need to go for you. See if you can find […]

Look Outside

Square aspects can often be challenging. If you are stuck making progress the square may explain why. The Active Transform shows how to make an anvil round your neck a useful tool in hammering out the future you want to forge for yourself. Aquisitio in the 1st house (Virgo) indicates […]

All Over Bar The Shouting

We celebrated Mabon yesterday. These were freshly picked from the garden: And this was the pudding…   And so the year turns… _________________ This is a powerful placement of the geomes in the Casting. The first geome is on the Ascendant, it is repeated in a trine aspect in the […]