Press On

Aquisitio + Albus → Caput Draconis (24)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 7th April 2024

The interpretation of the Casting this week is very clear. It is often the nature of Opposition aspects that they cut through unnecessary chatter and focus on what needs to be done.

Aquisitio in the 8th house (Libra) indicates that there is something that needs to be worked on and progressed but that you are tending to put matters off. It doesn’t seem that you are procrastinating, but rather that there are so many things to consider and weigh which keep you from moving on. You’ve likely taken on too much, but big jobs are big by definition.

Big projects are necessary for your growth. You only get stronger by lifting heavy weights. If you lift the light weights that you can already lift your strength doesn’t grow. So how best to pull together all the threads that need organising?

The first thing to realise and to take comfort in is that what you are seeking to achieve is sound and worthy. What you’re working on is a good thing to work on. Just get your doubts out of the way and things will go easier.

The Pars Jovii is in the 7th house (Virgo) and indicates a particular source of things which might be gumming up the works at the moment. It suggests that well-meaning friends (and indeed impersonal ‘partners’, such as banks or other officialdom and generators of paperwork) might be getting in your way.

Sure, you can understand their perspective but there’s just so much detail which can get in the way.

Here is a tip to keep you focused: Build the thing first, then add the trim. In other words, get the major structure in place and then redefine the details.

Albus in the 2nd house (Aries) reinforces this message. It indicates that you should avoid getting distracted by insecurities—your own and other people’s. Stop worrying. Stop mulling over what-if’s. Second-guessing should not distract you from your current valiant efforts.

Another quick tip: Don’t allow anything to distract you unless it has a direct bearing on the current situation. If something comes up which is not of immediate application see if you can put it gently to one side for a little while.

Press On, Maria, Pixabay, (CC0)

Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Caput Draconis (24) back in the 8th house (Libra). Keep doing what you are doing, even if some of it is new to you.

If you need reassurance, you could start by acting on your conclusions and what you know. Do quick tests on what you’ve got in order to ensure that it works in principle. Just as good cooks do, taste as you go along.


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