Stay On Top

Tristitia + Puella → Amissio (4)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 23rd January 2022

There were two Rogues this week which turned out to give very helpful advice on side issues to watch out for. That said, we need to start with the Casting itself and then see how they feed in their influence.

Tristitia in the 9th house (Virgo). Ordinarily you might think of this as being a strong indicator of ‘suddenly presented prospects of long journeys’. But given the current global circumstances that is not so likely. Flow will more likely express itself through another aspect of these forces, namely that you are likely going to have some new details of an existing project presented to you this week.

Given the square aspect in the Casting it is likely that this new information and knowledge will be quite revealing. You can therefore expect some pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to be falling in to place. Revelations may be true but not always palatable, however.

It is important to have these details though as they will clarify further actions and responses to changing situations.

Puella in the 6th house (Gemini) indicates that the work environment is going to be a significant factor this week. What is meant by the ‘work environment’? It means where the work is done and also the way the work is done. It does not mean what work is done!

So, where you do your work and how you do the work is going to be more important and impactful on you than what the actual work is.

To clarify further, let’s say you are going to bake a cake this week. The location of the kitchen, utensils and ingredients would all be part of the ‘where’. These are going to be as important as is the ‘way’ you make the cake: whether you are rushed or tired or happy, for example. These two kinds of factors are going to be more important than the fact of needing to bake a cake. Stay on top of all of it.


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Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Amissio (4) in the 3rd house (Pisces). This shows that whatever changes might be suggested will ultimately come down to smaller, local changes. This will be one of the reasons not to react too strongly to any unforeseen circumstances. The first time you learn about new or changing situations they may not be to your initial liking. But they are not likely to be as bad as first thought.

That said, it does look like you might need to be a little creative in how you adapt to change. Partly this will be because the situation may be being obscured by factors out of your control. Stay adaptable and light on your feet. Stay on top.

Think your way through challenges and don’t exert yourself until you are clear as to the exact nature of the situation and you feel what is likely to be good for you.

The Pars Uranii this week is in the 10th house (Libra). It warns you not to get drawn into unprofitable disagreements. Such disagreements could tarnish your reputation and how others see you. Pick your battles. Stay classy.




There were two rogues this week, both of which provide important corollaries to the main Casting.

Carcer in the 5th house (Taurus) suggests that you exercise caution with social contacts. Don’t let seeming friendly overtures disturb your thoughts or actions. Such contacts will likely just use up your time and, in some way, limit your options for action.

Albus in the 11th house (Libra) indicates that you will benefit from listening to the advice of old friends and contacts if it is offered. Their advice on dealing with change should be helpful and comforting.


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