Narrow Path

Via + Carcer → Conjunctio (1234)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 5th January 2022

This week sees a powerful and focused Flow. It passes through a narrow channel of circumstances and events which can bring a good deal of intensity to your life at the moment. In dealing with events this week it may be difficult to be practical and prudent without seeming cold or calculating. But there is a way through…

Via in the 1st house (Capricorn) is conjunct to the second geome, Carcer. This means that the Active transform and the Pars Luna are also in the 1st house.

Such heavyweight influences are all crowded into such a personally significant house! How best to unpick this?

Overall, we can be fairly sure that this will be a time of concentration, challenge, change and contradiction. So much energy and effort put into such a small and pressured pot!

One very clear message from the Casting is that you will need to take action on your responsibilities and, likely, responsibility for your actions.

You will be able to find a narrow path to walk between imagination and insight, but which is grounded in practicality. The way through will be to follow the silver thread. The way. Your way.

Via indicates that this will be a time of reflection or, more specifically, frequent checking and re-checking with your plans. It seems that you might need to keep reassuring yourself of your chosen course.

This may require that you tie-off some loose ends in addition to making sure that the way ahead is clear.

You are likely to find Flow presenting you with lots of new ideas and possibilities at the start of the week.

Keep to the path you have set out for yourself, even if it does appear to be narrow or challenging.

Carcer, here in its natural sign, indicates that this is a time of learning lessons (for you and for others). There will be power and value in persistence and experience. Use yours to the full.

You may be called upon to show your worth in some way. That might seem a bit cheeky to you. In practice, however, you will find that you can meet all requirements given your spirit and the strength of your soul.

The Pars Luna, also in the 1st house, gives an interesting and useful message here: In the current situation you may be having doubts about what you are doing and its results. That would be perfectly natural, but they are likely to be unnecessary.

As mentioned above, checking is fine (if you really need to do it) but you should have no doubts about what you’re doing. Simply follow the way you’ve decided upon. Importantly, do not succumb to any ‘watered down’ version of your plans!

‘Accommodate’, by all means, to the extent you are able. But do not compromise!


Narrow Path,, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Conjunctio (1234) also in the 1st house. This is the relief in the system. It indicates that you should be open to truly new things. This means that you can ignore any compromises, repainting of old approaches and re-hashes of what you know doesn’t work.

Be a channel to connect new thoughts and intuition with action.

Connect the possible to the doable.


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