Aquisitio + Tristitia → Rubeus (24)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 16th January 2022

This week you will be able to ride out any turbulent changes by keeping to your centre.

Acquisitio in the 1st house (Capricorn) shows that you will need to draw on your calm stability this week. You should be able to call upon this quality relatively easily as the geome is so well placed in the Casting. In fact, you may find it helpful to start the week and, indeed, every day with a meditation or reflection, centring on the idea of calmness. The reason for this is that it is easier to start from a calm position than it is to get caught up in events and then try to seek calmness afterwards.

Focus on solidity and bigness of spirit. Be the ruler, not the ruled.

Tristitia in the 4th house (Aries) is square to Acquisitio and suggests that events on the home front may start to shift, slide or change. These changes might be sudden, little and irritating. But this is where your calmness lets you respond rather than to react to them.

Avoid things which tend to give you a headache whether that is substances, actions or people! Give yourself the best chances of success in any endeavour by sticking to what you know and not over-reacting.

While other people may be going off on tangents you will find it helpful to stick with the fundamentals and to sure ground.

There was a Rogue in the Casting this week: Fortuna Major, also in the 4th house (Aries). This is a very helpful mitigating factor and should help bolster your efforts to bring calm to others. It can also be a very useful source of energy to help keep you centred. Solar energy is remarkably life-affirming so feel free to draw on its powerful centring influence.

Let good sense prevail. Think and plan your way out of any obstacles.

The Pars Jovii is in the 10th house (Libra) and it poses a question: What—or who—is trying to destabilise you, and for what purpose? It also indicates that any destabilising influences you experience this week are likely to be both short-term, minor and more to do with point-scoring than serious issues. You will be able to deal with anything that seeks to disturb you fairly easily, actually…

Calm,, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Rubeus (24) in the 7th house (Cancer). This shows that while the rest of the world seems to be running around frantically fretting you can stay calm.

Don’t let relationships become threatened by hasty actions or hasty words.

Avoid getting caught up in events and other people’s drama.

Keep your head and heart calm by keeping to your core.

The key power you have with this Active Transform is the knowledge that it will be your thoughts that are your source of power.

Think things through. Don’t let your thinking be disturbed. Other people’s problems are not your problems unless you allow them to be.

Let your mind rather than your heart control your circumstances this week.


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