Smelting Iron 2

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 19th January 2015


(If you are taking an active role in your own personal (spiritual) development then the Flow this week should be very helpful to you!)

How like lightning!  It really is a flash and then gone.  A few moments later, the thunder.  It really is all over in just a moment, but the memory lingers…

“Did you see that? … It was really bright! … How far away do think it was? … I’ll give it about 10 minutes before it pours down…” and so on.

Same this week.

A quick burst of inspiration and then… The implications, the questions, jumping off into new areas…

You are likely to be working on something in your own thoughts, probably related to something deeply personal to you but which will have implications for others.  It is likely to relate to the core of what’s important to you.

Inspiration can come at any time.

My guess is that will be in the first half of the week, maybe to coincide with the new moon on the 20th.

And it can occur anywhere: whilst you’re in the shower, or out running, or doing anything else other than ‘working on it’.

You probably haven’t shared much about these thoughts with anyone as you feel it’s quite a personal area.

That’s about to change.


This creative inspiration will come with a price-tag.  You are going to get the raw iron ore and but it will be up to you to refine it.

This means you’ll need to build a fire, get it hot and sweat over the coals.

It is inspiration, but it’s not an answer.

You will have to do the hard work to turn that creativity into something practical, durable and reliable.  With some aspects of it you might even have to take a bit of a chance.  There will be a few ‘unknowns’ in the initial working: How much of this is needed?  Where can I get hold of that?


Take control of your Destiny


This can take some effort.  You’ll need to find ways to make it work.  You’re also likely to find that you will feel the twin pressures of not wanting to reveal anything about it until you know it works combined with the desire to just ‘get it out there’.

Even when you start to come up with answers you are likely to find that your first approach will not be the last, and certainly not the best approach.  Don’t be disheartened, however!  This is a natural process of refining the metal from the ore!

You must be focused on finding practical, workable answers.  Don’t try to get too clever, just make it work to your own satisfaction to start with.

Find out what’s reliable.  And, of course, the only way to do that is to test it.  Be prepared to find it doesn’t work, pick yourself up and try again with something slightly different.


As a result of all this you will probably find that you can interact with people differently – and this is likely to affect your working relationships.

You are likely to have to make some corrections on-the-fly, but once you have a working prototype of whatever it is, make contact with others.  Brainstorm with them.  Find out who can help.  Open up channels of interaction.

Find out who wants to do what you want to do.  You’ll need to keep fairly adaptable and just find out who’s interested in the core ideas at this stage.  Don’t commit to detail just see who and what you can work with in general terms.




There were no Rogues this week.




Cauda Draconis in the fourth house (Aries) is likely to bring the inspiration related to something which is important to you.  Puer in Taurus in a semi-sextile is broadly favourable but can produce frustrations and heavy weather in your thinking if you’re not careful.  Stay grounded.

The Active Transform Amissio (234) shows that you will need to stay light on your feet and probably keep the full details of your plans to yourself for a little while yet.  You’re likely going to have to evolve some of your ideas (two new taps at Level 2).


If you’ve found this casting helpful then please tell your friends – they might benefit as well.  Thank you.


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