A Volcano Near You Needs Channelling

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 26th January 2015


This looks like a time of a build-up of pressure.  I don’t mean this in a work sense or that you will necessarily feel stressed.  It’s rather that there is a great deal of motivation, need and perhaps even insistence on getting things moving.

Help is around you and you need to sort out exactly what help you need.  You are likely to find, certainly in the first part of next week, that there is lots of potential for you with people seemingly willing to help.

I say ‘seemingly’ because not all help is created equal.  In some areas you may feel that there is too much help.

The kind of help you don’t need is from those who are inexperienced or who are trying to press for action without fully understanding all the facts.  You need to set clear boundaries as to what you’re willing to do and not do.

Don’t worry about details too much – you’ve got a Volcano on your hands.

Later in the week as the Flow shifts to the fourth house you will get a clear head and clear ideas of what needs to happen next.

This isn’t inspiration exactly, it’s simply making appropriate plans to move forward.

This is like a Volcano about to erupt.  If you are careful you can drill a hole and then channel down to the core.  This will let the pressure out, hopefully, in more or less the direction that you want it to go.

You will need to think carefully first of all and set your plans, for exactly where you want to go.

Once the lava starts to flow there will be no turning back, so get it right from the start.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform is all about letting you catch, appreciate and start to work with the results of this volcanic eruption.

There will be many opportunities to explore the new possibilities which open up for you.  If you are really switched on you will see that there is also learning to be gained from how you have managed the process.

This will be a time of things clicking into place, but in ways you hadn’t quite expected.  You may be surprised at exactly what comes out of this process, but there won’t be much time to appreciate the finer points whilst the eruption is happening.

Handle the major flows and let the details take care of themselves for the moment.




I’ve been seeing Via, a lot of Acquisitio and some Amissio around this week.  Not the usual way Rogues make themselves known, I admit.  I just have the feeling that I ought to mention them however.

My interpretation of them is that Gaia is being gently conversational, saying:


“This is a time of great potential.

It is likely to feel like three steps forward and two steps back.

Win lots, lose some.

Just keep on.

You’re making progress.”




Via in the eighth house gives us tremendous potential and power.  Any number of areas could open up!  Being in Leo it suggests a warmth from others (bordering on heat) which will need to be carefully managed.

The Flow then shifts very internally back to your own thoughts with Puella in the fourth house (Aries).  The internal mental dimensional then takes precedence – requiring a lot of thought and planning.

The trine aspect throughout is very fortunate as this could easily be a time of confusion otherwise.  Careful thinking and planning on your part should allow the Flow to be used in many of the areas in which the Active Transform, Rubeus (1234) can bring new and exciting areas for exploration.  There will be many possibilities open.  Make sure you get the first steps right.


If you’ve found this casting helpful then please tell your friends – they might benefit as well.  Thank you.


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