Several Problems With The Same Cause

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Conjunctio + Via → Carcer (23)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 27th March 2016


This week could feel somewhat difficult when working with others.

The first geome of the casting is Conjunctio in the second house (Aries). This will make it seem that you are working at everyone elses’ wish or command and that you have very little time for yourself and your needs. You’ll feel that you are in a constant battle between trying to make progress and at the same time trying to get people to consider your feelings.

In fairness to them, you are not really listening to your own feelings about yourself either, so you can’t really expect others to do what you won’t do for yourself.

Why are you being so hard on yourself? Is it just because you want to get things done, or is there something more?

You know that nobody knows your business like you do and that no one can do the job as well as you, but that’s not it. The single taps of Conjunctio point to the answer: you just want to make the most of the time and the resources you have to move ahead as fast as you can, wherever you can.

As soon as the mood takes you, you want to get going without interference. You want to ‘go while the going is good’. (You might know that you have limited time and energy to spend and you don’t want to waste it on anything pointless.) You’ll have to decide just how much time you do need to ‘waste’ on getting the cooperation of others though.

As the week progresses you will see more and more clearly that the majority of problems which other people are giving you all come from the same basic cause… They simply don’t understand what you are aiming to do and, more particularly, how they benefit.

Now this has been a bit naughty of them! They have been implying that you are wrong, or worse. They have been putting up what seem to you to be imaginary problems. They find fault with the least little thing. But their underlying reason (which they do seem to want to mention) is simply that they do not see how your ideas and actions affect or benefit them. This is where your solution lies.


[bctt tweet=”Time to go into a bit of a charm-offensive”]


Via in the eighth house (Libra) shows that the most useful thing you can do will be to do show them how they will ultimately benefit (other than you attacking them with a stout stick unless they start cooperating!). They are then much more likely to let you do what you need to do.

So this is a time to go into a bit of a charm-offensive. Show them that you are working to their eventual benefit. They are not really trying to be perfectionists or nit-picky. So if you want to avoid drowning the sea of their seemingly unrelated problems you will need to show them some quick wins and direct benefits.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Carcer (23) in the second house (Aries). The opposition aspect between the geomes reflects the Active Transform back into the house of the first geome.

This means that the lesson from opposition aspects is that we need to confront and then change before we can make progress. (Note advanced students: The first geome tries to push ahead against the opposition of the second geome. But by rethinking what that second geome tells us about the first geome we come to a new understanding. This is a useful mental and emotional tool to help with all problems in our life!)

So having seen that you need to get others to see the advantages to them of your suggestions you can then get back to doing what you want to do. They should now leave you free to think and to do your best work.

And what you need to do — what you’ve been desperately trying to do — is to get in touch with your ‘action-self’ so that you can carry out those essential tasks on yourself and your life which help you progress.




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