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Acquisitio + Puella → Cauda Draconis (24)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 3rd April 2016


You can make great progress this week. And the easiest and most satisfying way to get that progress will involve a bit of a shift in direction…

The first geome of the Casting is Acquisitio in the sixth house (Leo) in a sextile aspect. This is a very favourable sign and indicates growth and expansion. Given the Emperor-like feeling of Acquisito’s Jovian influence and the fact that it is in royal Leo’s sign we might at first think that all was going to go literally magnificently. But we also need to consider the detail of the house and also the structure of the geome.

Here we can see that some of the other qualities of pleasing a royal come into play… the insistence on doing things ‘in the right way’, the desire for ‘perfection in all things’ and of ‘only wanting the best’. Unfortunately that can result in too much emphasis on what things look like rather than on the actual quality and worth of what is done. In other words we need to keep to quality rather than quantity; of usefulness rather than showiness. If you’re not getting what you want this week then you may be working hard, but in not quite the best way.

You’ll find that just doing lots of things and trying to please will be what other people, particularly, seem to want. But what will actually count is getting results which are worth having. And the Flow shifts to show us how to get them.

The second geome is Puella in the eighth house (Libra). This indicates that the Flow has shifted from an emphasis on the internal physical  / external mental to purely an internal mental approach. This shift shows that it is your head which needs to get straight in setting your direction.

If you are not clear, if you are not working to your own ideas and your own plan then you will probably feel that you are spinning your wheels but not getting very far.

Don’t worry about trying to please with what is ultimately only shiny tinsel. Let the quality of your work show through. Forget flattery, what will be more important will be to do what is meaningful, even if it doesn’t seem showy.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Cauda Draconis (24) in the tenth house (Sagittarius). If you want to really transform what you do then you will find that it is the intensity of your feelings which will make the difference.

Intensifying your feelings does not mean you should worry about more about getting things done. Nor does it mean you should abandon clear and logical thinking. Nor does it mean that you should become neurotic about details.

What it does mean is that you should seek to concentrate and to communicate your strong feelings by ‘finding the right groove’ in your efforts — and that groove is found in the slow, the deep and the meaningful.

What you do, and can do, with other people may surprise you this week. And you will be able to surprise them first by letting them see the strength of your feelings.

And how will they see the strength of your feelings?

By seeing the strength of your actions.




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