How To Speed Up A Slow Journey

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Fortuna Minor + Carcer → Rubeus (12)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 20th March 2016


It’s Ostera today at 04:30 UT so I wish you a very happy mid-Spring!

Also, thanks to MJP for flying the Astrogem flag at the Glastonbury fair yesterday.

A square aspect between the geomes this week is likely to make for some useful progress in the end even if it feels slow at the time.

Fortuna Minor in the third house (Taurus) is likely to make dealing with ‘local traffic’ necessary but trying. And while we usually understand ‘traffic’ to mean travel by car we can also think of the ‘traffic’ as any interchange — such as that between two people when we try to communicate. You’re likely to find it slow and a little frustrating at times this week. The effort might be slow but, in the end, you are likely to get there. Shortcuts are unlikely to help — everywhere and every way is looking jammed, at least to start with. The Continuing Flow between the geomes suggest that there will be a shift, but not quickly and not to the overall atmosphere of our interactions.

Carcer in the fifth house (Leo), square to the Fortuna Minor, is likely to make work a bit tedious. A number of people are likely to try to dampen your enthusiasm this week, but just ignore them and plod on your own sweet way.

You can power your way through, but only to get through your own resistance, not theirs. You will likely find that your sensible head and determined cast of mind will be what get you through.

The aim will be to be the irresistible force rather than the immovable object.

Others may try to convince you that they are right (and clever) but don’t believe them without good reason. An ounce of proving is worth a pound of talk.


[bctt tweet=”An ounce of proving is worth a pound of talk”]


If someone’s trying to insist on their view then the killer question to ask them is ‘How will that work?’. Their reason has to make sense to you. If they are not sure then it will be obvious to you. If they just insist then that, too, will be pointless. Patient explanations are the only thing likely to convince you. It will also show whether they know their stuff.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Rubeus (12) in the ninth house (Scorpio). This is a very dynamic and an active principle, so it will encourage and hearten you. It is saying ‘Don’t take any nonsense this week!’. In fact you will benefit most by getting out of your own way and only listening to those with real knowledge and experience.

Allow yourself to be inspired and lifted by their wider view of things.

When it comes to your own thinking, change the rules.


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