Princess Of Change

Amissio + Tristitia → Puella (13)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 9th July 2023

This week there is a strong, archetypally female influence in the Casting with Venus’s loving but potentially fickle emotions having their sway. That said, this is a very positive Casting with a strong trine aspect.


Amissio in the 6th house (Sagittarius) indicates that you will be working towards something for which you have high hopes this week. That said it seems that in some ways it is a labour of love, taking some time and trouble to get it done. While you have the plans and knowledge to do it you could still do with some additional help or resources.

There is a possibility that a ‘female influence’ could help lighten some of the load or provide some useful input here, helping to get the project delivered. This may be thanks to some little piece of knowledge they have. Perhaps they simply offer dutiful help. Anything they do could help though.

Tristitia in the 2nd house (Leo) presents a significant influence later this week. This influence could in fact be both surprising and large. Whatever its size you are likely to see a sudden change in your fortunes (and maybe even your fortune i.e. a bit of a windfall or other financial gain). This change is likely to be at lightening speed and quite unexpected.

This could also be the breakthrough you were hoping for in moving your project forward. You are likely to find, too, that it lifts your mood and that of the people around you. There’s nothing like getting a royal dollop of good fortune from Lady Luck, after all!

Another aspect to this is that you might suddenly find a use for something that has been lying around not doing much for a while now.


Princess of change, Amy, Pixabay, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Puella (13) in the 10th house (Aries). This follows on nicely from Tristitia’s influence, indicating someone—again, likely a female influence—providing a chance idea of something new for you to try.

Maybe it is a missing piece of the jigsaw or maybe just something just a way to simplify and ease what you are doing.

It also indicates an opportunity for you to ‘trade up’ what you currently have to the next level.

The Pars Venusii is in the 5th house (Scorpio) this week. It suggests that you keep your social contacts light and not try to push chance—or your romantic interests—too much too soon.




There was one Rogue this week: Cauda Draconis in the 10th house (Aries). It advises that you don’t start anything new until you’ve finished off what you are working on, no matter how good or interesting it sounds. Keep your heat and attention on your main project.


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