Prepare the ground and then smile

Your hard work pays off but you’ll need to soften your approach both for your own benefit and to help others

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 16th September 2013

You have probably been plugging away at trying to make changes in your life and have found that progress has seemed to be difficult so far.

Ideas which you had hoped would take off have been very slow in getting airborne.  It looks like you have been trying to make some changes and improvements to your thinking and your philosophy, too, but it’s been difficult to make things stick.

Fortunately this week we see Tristitia giving way to Caput Draconis producing a much needed change of direction and approach.

Tristitia in Taurus is always going to be clever if slow and determined.  What is needed is an increase of external pace to match your enthusiasm for getting your goals accomplished.  The single tap at Level 4 of Tristitia shows that the external physical environment has not really been conducive to making rapid progress so far.  Before the Flow changes to the eleventh house later this week we see some hope though.

Doing the digging

All the ground-work you have been putting in is likely to pay off now.  Tristitia in Taurus is sometimes the stroke of genius.  It is the revolutionary turned practical.  This means that the work you have been doing will have been solid preparation for what is about to come and you will see the fruits of your labour – and in Tristitia’s quite unexpected way.

In the ninth house you might also see some unusual or unexpected journey which will bring you new insights.  This combination also sometimes sees changes to property, land and legal matters, too.

It’s all change later in the week with the emphasis shifting to Caput Draconis bringing inspiration in the way you work and connect with others.  The Dragon’s Head brings a positive change in ideas and approaches that you had been taking for granted.  This will be a good shift for you practically and physically.

Notice that the Flow is Contracting between Tristitia and Caput Draconis but that they are in a beneficial sextile aspect.  This means that at first you may notice that inspiration from outside and new intuition seems to be thinning out or slimming down and you may worry that it is drying up.  It may be, but it’s not a problem, so don’t worry.

What is happening is that you have been able to bring your ideas and work to such a fine point that when inspiration does strike it will bring focus.  This is good as a noisy mind or environment would not be able to appreciate this laser precision for what it is – a shift to appreciate a wider picture in which all the pieces fit.

The inspiration of intuition and new ideas will allow you to take what was only theoretical and to make it practical and workable.  To facilitate this shift you will find it helpful to adopt a more sensitive and caring approach to your interactions with others.  Look beyond the tools to the bigger picture that you are working to achieve.

Take control of your Destiny

To make the best out of this shift we need to consider the Active Transform:

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, August, September, 2013, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy

Active Transform Conjunctio (4)

Here we see the addition produces Conjunctio (4) with that much needed breakthrough on Level 4 which finally allows the free interchange between your ideas and other people.

We can go further and say that the single taps at Levels 2 and 3 show that you will almost be able to operate on automatic as the Flow changes in your favour from Contracting to Expanding.  You are finally able to see what you’ve been missing from the contacts you most need to make.

You won’t need to force your way ahead.  The change of direction from thrusting and pushing (Tristitia in Taurus) to a more thoughtful, caring and sensitive approach (Caput Draconis in Cancer) will do the work for you.  Feel that flow.  Let your intentions and actions speak for themselves – they don’t need any advertisement from you.  Wait for others to approach you and then open up the dialogue.  You will find them now much more receptive.


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