Don’t Look For An Answer, Just Trust The Process

This week sees plans becoming more realistic though not in the way we thought they would

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 9th September 2013

The mood this week starts with ideas swirling around and not really coming to any conclusion.

In a work situation particularly you are likely to see several changes of direction, both in the job itself and also in your approach to what you have to do.

You more or less know what you want to do at the moment, but the situation seems to keep shifting under your feet like quicksand forcing you to make changes in direction.  This can feel a little unsettling to say the least.

Tristitia is an interesting geome here.  It’s full of lightning fast change – and in it’s native Aquarius which strengthens that character – but in a house which conveys dependability, duty and trust.  Strange occupants of the same bed!

The overall result is of feeling somewhat out of synch with what’s happening at the start of the week.  But don’t worry, things are about to change – and in an interesting way.

Populus in the ninth shows that the Flow expands to bring more ideas and clarity to our situation.  These ideas are very likely to come from others.  I would even go so far as to say, from several others.  Now whether this is a group exercise or whether it is many people all saying (complaining about?) the same thing remains to be seen. . . let me know.

What we can be sure of, however, is that with their influence you will be able to get some much needed order to your thoughts and actions.  You will probably find that they add a layer of emotional content or requirement which gives your ideas a new centre about which they can crystallise.

And while your situation does not necessarily pan out in a logical way with all the pieces seeming to fit at first, adding this new element produces a harmony which you might not have expected.  You will probably be mystified as to how things will turn out to start with, but don’t be concerned – there’s a trick to making them all join together.

Don’t worry either that it requires outside help to make this happen.  Without this slow and steady catalyst bringing solidity to the situation matters would have been unlikely to resolve themselves any time soon.  You’ve got a result – don’t worry about how you got it! In this situation it’s the goal which matters, not who kicked the ball last.

There will still be a period of reflection to make sure all the corners are squared away before the final result.  This means that there will still be opportunities to make your mark and add in some finishing touches.  You’ll also need to think about what will happen once you do make progress. . .

Take control of your Destiny

Getting an outcome from all the turmoil this week will only be half the battle.  Knowing where things are going and what to do with the result will be an important next step.

To see how you can do this we need to calculate the Active Transform:

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, August, September, 2013, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy

Active Transform Tristitia (4)

Here we see that Tristitia is effectively reflected through Populus to give it’s analogue, Tristitia (4).  This is interesting because it shows that while we seem to have made some changes in our job and our approach in life generally in order to get through this episode, matters will largely stay the same afterwards.  Or at least they seem to at first sight.

It’s a bit like collecting jigsaw pieces together from the floor and putting them into a box just to tidy up.  We all know that the box isn’t a solution.  It’s just a way to keep the otherwise messy bits together.

What cramming the pieces together does do, however, is to give us breathing space.  It also allows external matters to settle down a bit.  It allows us to take stock and to think things through with some of the new ideas and perceptions thrown into the mix.  And that does allow us to see a solution – a real one.  Not just a way of tidying things up, but of actually finding a way forward which had eluded us before.

What you will find is that there needs to be a unifying theme or purpose in the solution.  There needs to be a central or core idea around which everything else can be fit.  This is like using the picture on the lid of the jigsaw so that you can see what you are aiming at.

Why didn’t you think of doing that before now?

Once you find that idea you will still need to consider carefully how you are going to physically implement what needs to be done, but at least life seems to hang together a bit better now.

You’ll get by.  .  .

You’ll get by with a little help. . .

Can you guess from whom?

What to do this week

  1. Don’t panic if you seem to be on shifting ground
  2. You need – and are likely to get – outside help in some form
  3. The real challenge will not be to just get a solution to problems but to make those solutions stick


When you toss a coin you can’t always trust it to land on heads

. . . but you can trust it to land.


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