A Quick Word Lights The Fuse

This week we see the power of communication to produce some powerful shifts

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 23rd September 2013

To say that this week has the potential to bring far reaching consequences is an understatement.

Both aspects of Mercury are present in both Conjunctio and Albus and culminate in Rubeus giving a shift in both consciousness and passionate determination.

The week is likely to start with you feeling a little restless.  There’s something you want to say and do to get matters off your chest.  Getting to speak to others has not really been a problem for you in the past, but now you feel that the current situation needs to be sorted out.

Pick your moment

With Conjunctio in Aries you will need to pick your moment to discuss things, however.  The casting revolves around an opposition which is not going to make things easy for you, although the eventual outcome will certainly be the movement you are looking for.

In picking your moment look for two things:  First, don’t start talking or writing when you are annoyed.  Your tone could easily be taken as too harsh or immature if you’re not very careful.  Passions could be running high enough this week and people are feeling a little sensitive already without fanning the flames.

Second, others are probably not going to have a lot of time to spare – especially not for ‘new problems’.  They will be happy to hear you out, but you need to come prepared with a solution (preferably more than one) rather than just problems.

As Conjunctio flows to become Albus we see the two taps at Level 2 open out to make it an ideal opportunity to bring in your plans and ideas.  And they really will be yours.  You’ll have to take responsibility for making it all happen even if you needed permission to start the process off.

This will require you to keep a cool and clear head.  This won’t be a time for taking things easily but you will be able to see the potential to improve your situation if you play your cards right.

All aspects of Mercury are subject to change, and that is going to be the case here too.  With an opposition as the Flow’s aspect you are likely to find that you’ll be still very much accountable to get results and show that you’re not taking or wasting anyone’s time!

If you can keep to the plan and not let the inevitable changes and bumps in the road throw you off balance you’ll find that you will easily be able to show a good account of yourself.

Take control of your Destiny

By adding the geomes to create the Active Transform we can see that you had better be prepared to finish what you start:

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, August, September, 2013, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy

Active Transform Rubeus (23)

The Active Transform is Rubeus (23) and this isn’t going to let you get off lightly.  You are going to be ‘front-and-centre’ of any new changes.  Rubeus is almost invariably associated with significant re-organisational change.  Here we see it back in its natural house and with Aries’s fire just to make things even hotter.

Notice the change in Flow throughout the sequence at Level 2 from Conjunctio’s single tap to Albus’s double tap and down to Rubeus’s single new tap.  This shows that while you have some good ideas and plans for progress (single tap) and that you’ll be given a chance to prove them (double taps) then you’ll find that you will still need to do more thinking and planning when it comes to the actual execution (single new tap).  (For Astrogemers who understand the full significance of Rubeus here, please excuse my geomantic pun.  I couldn’t resist, sorry!)

All this is likely to bring you under very close scrutiny.  Keep your head and, most importantly, keep your nerve.  The two new taps in Rubeus will mean that you will have the opportunity to work right at the cutting edge of matters.

If you are really ready for the challenge then now is the time you can prove yourself.  If you’re not ready then you may wish you hadn’t mentioned anything to start with.  If you don’t want the firework to go off it will be best not to go around with a lit match seeing which pieces of blue paper you can find to burn!


You raise an urgent and anxious alarm about your neighbour’s burning house

This is not enough on its own

Now you must help them put out the flames.


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