Steadfast 2

Conjunctio + Amissio → Fortuna Minor (23)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 1st August 2021

The conjunction of the geomes in the 12th house (Gemini) this week indicates that much will be happening at an unconscious level. While these forces may therefore initially seem hidden they will have a significant driving force on your thinking—and actions—in general.

Conjunctio in the 12th house (Gemini) indicates that that unconscious impulses you will be feeling this week are likely to be driven by external influences. Specifically, this means that this is the time and the context for things you have been planning (for a long time) to start moving forward. It is not that the external factors themselves are causing shifts in your thinking. Rather it simply becomes increasingly obvious to you that now is the time! Your thoughts and drives have found a suitable set of circumstances and a suitable time. Now they can be brought to bear. This is fertile ground!

The Pars Mercurii in the first house (Cancer) gives an important aspect to this shift in your mental processes. It indicates that you should not let how you currently see yourself stop you from doing what’s truly you. In other words, don’t let your preconceived ideas keep you pigeon-holed into just one approach.

Stick to the principle of the thing, not some fixed way that things are supposed to be done! If it works, it works! Just because the process doesn’t look exactly like you thought it would, it should not stop you from using it. Put another way: it doesn’t matter if it’s a red car or a blue car so long as you can drive it where you need to go!

Amissio is also in the 12th house (Gemini) and indicates that later in the week the unconscious thoughts finally break through to your conscious mind. Some of those thoughts might seem unconventional or even radical, but they are your thoughts nonetheless.

That unconventionality is probably a challenge to the way you expected things to go. So here’s the question: what is more important to you at this time, the results or the exact way you get them? If what you have been doing has not been getting you the results you want maybe now is the time to tweak things.

You don’t abandon everything of course, only challenge how you’ve been trying to get it. Keep a steadfast hold on your goals but consider new growth in unexpected ways.

Steadfast,, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Fortuna Minor (23) also in the 12th house (Gemini). As this Casting seems largely focused on the mental realm it seems appropriate that you see another aspect of your thinking: keep your head out of the way.

This means that you need to stop second-guessing yourself and stop over-thinking things.

If it works, it works.

Keep steadfastly to your principles, just consider variations of approach.

Allow the momentum you have built up to carry you forward.


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