Onward And Deeper

Carcer + Caput Draconis → Cauda Draconis (14)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 18th December 2022

Yule is nearly upon us! If you are on the Astrogem mailing list, a member of the Facebook group or read the blog last week you will know that we are preparing for Last and First photographs of the sun. These are the photos of the Last sunset of this solar year and the First sunrise of the next.

The weather doesn’t look too promising for photos from Bristol this year, but you never know. After all, look what happened last year! Still, the Yule festivities will be happening here as usual: Geomancer’s breakfast, creating the Yule flame, etc., etc. We’ll also be celebrating Christmas, of course. No shortage of Yule cheer around here!

While I will post the photos of Yule here later this week the next Casting will be on the 8th January 2023.


Carcer in the 7th house (Gemini) has an interesting meaning this week. Traditionally it would indicate some slowness or restriction in our partnerships and working with others. But if we look at the change in Flow overall in the Casting (using the Four Levels Model) we can see that the meaning is more specific. Initial reticence to connect needs to give way to a deeper connection with others.

Specifically, what wins the day is being sincere and honest in our interactions. While you may know that you possess these qualities naturally, here Flow is suggesting that you go further. The sincere should be truly heart-felt and the honest, meaningful. In other words, open up and go deeper in your communications with others, even if this means taking it slowly.

Caput Draconis in the 12th house (Scorpio) indicates that still waters will be moving not just deeply but also meaningfully. You need both inspire and to be open to inspiration from others. Perhaps the connection earlier in the week opens out into some genuine spark of real human connection. If you are not ready for it or if you’re not expecting it you may find it startling or even miss the opportunity. But the understanding which Flow brings is to let you know how the tide is flowing to enable you to grab the moment when it arrives. Keep a cool head as matters progress.

The Pars Saturnii is in the 6th house (Taurus). This urges you on still further by advising not to hold back from telling others about your feelings and, indeed, your passions (so long as you don’t scare them). Someone has to make the first move in laying groundwork.

Someone has to light the flame and make the first move in exploring the cave.

There is no right time. There is only now.

Onward and deeper, Pixabay, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Cauda Draconis (14) in the 5th house (Aries). If you are in Flow you may be surprised at the depth of friendship—not just interaction—which can open up as a result of this.

You are likely to find that small chances pay off, so long as you don’t get carried away. Capitalising on friendships now is a sure way of making headway in many practical areas later.

Watch for ‘friendly advances’ from others… and yes, the single quotes were deliberate!


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