Yule 2022 | Last And First

I hope you all had a great Yule celebration!


Here are the photos and wishes I’ve been sent of the Last sunset and the First sunrise of the solar year ending 2022:


A number of us were clouded out to various degrees.


Here was my Last and First:
The moment of Sunset
The first sunrise.


Over in Brittany Jan P. took this sunset:
before flying home to the UK next day via Paris airport:
Sunrise in Paris.


Ed P. in Indiana sent in this shot of the Last sunset with a storm brewing:


Mary W. (via her grandson Michael A.) sent in the following from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad:
Last sunset
But the sky was clearing for the First sunrise


Finally, Mary Alice sent in several shots from Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico:
Last sunset
Some of the local wildlife who turned up for the event:
the First sunrise


Thank you to all who took the time to send in their photos, I’m very grateful.


And what a wonderful way to mark the turning of the year and experiencing connection around the world.


My belovèd graced us with this lovely Yule decoration this year:
And as part of the festivities for the evening baked the following sun-face shortbread:

This was eaten after the mulled wine, barbecue and tipsy chocolate syllabub. (Gym resumes in a couple of weeks. *smile*)


That wasn’t the only food we had that day, of course. My wife is a vegetarian so this was her somewhat spartan breakfast:
Brie and cranberries on toast


Whereas I opted for the Geomancer’s breakfast—with Buddhist overtones: ‘Make me one with everything’.
Vegetarians, dieters and cardiologists should turn away now… Grapefruit, bacon, black pudding, sausage, mushrooms, eggs, tomatoes, freshly baked bread and coffee.


I tell myself it celebrates the earth, by making my stomach look as big and round as the planet. (Fortunately Yule is only once a year!)


People also sent in their wishes for others for the year:

If I were to make one wish it would be for ALL wars to end here on Earth.

That the Heart of the World beat for us all with a special thought of course for Ukraine.

… for people to be less arrogant in insisting on their views with a consequent increase in tolerance for the views and needs of others.

I sense a wish for us all to live more peaceably with one another here.
On that note I thank the photographers once again and wish all our readers a peaceful, prosperous, healthy and happy New Year.


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