Magic Squared

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 16th March 2015


Everyone in the chain of interactions should benefit this week!

The Flow starts with inspiration and then continues further and expands outwards.

What does that mean?  You’re about to get inspired, so take the inspiration and run with it.

You’ll find that one or more new ideas strike you this week. They will probably come from outside, maybe as direct intuition or, most likely, from other people as an answer to something you’ve been working on for a long time. But take whatever it is and use it as your source of inspiration.

Inspiration from people outside your normal circle will be very practical. Importantly, they will be ideas you can build on this week.

Here’s a tip: because the geome is in Capricorn you may find that the inspiration does not start as a flash of lightning from the sky. It is more likely to come as a growing and certain realisation.

Take what works. It won’t be that hard to find.

The next part of the process will then be to add your uniqueness to it. That’s how you multiply the magic (magic times magic is magic squared)!

Because you’ve been working in and around the area for some time you are likely to be able to see the immediate practical implications of the inspiration when it hits.

After it strikes you’ll probably find that it is like the pieces of the jigsaw settleing into place – and that will be the real Aha! moment.

It may seem strange but other people probably won’t see it or make the connections that you do.

That might feel a little odd simply because it’s so obvious to you. You’ll be able to smooth things out for yourself very easily. In fact you’ll have little difficulty in looking very polished in your approach in dealing with co-workers, particularly.


Take control of your Destiny



Make changes! Make changes which are solid, practical and trustworthy.

The trine is an excellent indication that you’ll be able to help others make the changes they need to make, too.

You will find that you can easily stay grounded, focused and make progress on things you have wanted to change for some time.

You will also be able to do this with a degree of style, indeed flair, now that all the pieces are fitting together.

Use this as an opportunity this week to let people know just how good you are. Don’t overstate it, of course. Just let them know that you are the one to get things moving!

Connect particularly with those of a younger mind-set. They are more likely to be flexible in their approach.

You can do this by giving them more responsibility.

Everyone can benefit from the magic (squared) being passed down the chain…

As much as you will be inspired, be the inspiration for others.

As much as you get help, help others.


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Thank you.


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