Careless Talk Costs Time And Effort

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 9nd March 2015


What a great time you can have this week! Very sociable, lots of talking, interesting ways of interacting with people… but not much productive work getting done, unless you’re careful!

You’ll probably find that it is easy for you and others to talk too much. In fact the pleasure of doing so will actually prevent you from connecting. The chances are that it’s going to be too easy to get sucked into social interactions and to forget why you’re there.

Both your head and your heart are full of ideas and emotions and you have a strong need to share. This enthusiasm needs to be tempered so that you don’t scatter your interests too thinly. You also don’t want what you say to be so varied that you lose the main point.

At first the temptation may be to be more insistent – that is to press more. Unfortunately that won’t help as people are likely to see you as being too needy.

And a constant round of talking could easily exhaust everyone involved. And if you are talking to people in positions of authority it may even give the impression that you lack focus.


Later in the week you may be able to notice the pattern in the Flow and take steps to home in more on what you do want to accomplish.

But it will be tempting to just enjoy what you’re doing.

And as this temptation continues and you realise it’s not getting you what you may find yourself becoming more insistent in trying to get others to commit before they’re ready.

One key thing to watch out for then will be to avoid trying to be too clever. You may get people’s attention only to find you are too tired to do much else than talk if you’re not careful.

This would mean that in the pleasure of communicating like this your hopes and wishes might get lost, but don’t give up!

Just know what you want to say and keep to that.


Take control of your Destiny


Now knowing all this you can do one of two things, according to the Flow:

Either you can simply wait until the end of the week and realise what has not worked and see what you’re left with (by a process of elimination).

Or, you can think about changing your approach now to make what you say and do more effective.

This second way is, of course, the best way of tackling the week as you’ll waste less time and, more importantly, waste less energy in pushing forward.

Don’t get carried away with side issues, in other words.


If you really want to connect with friends and co-workers this week the Active Transform suggests that you proactively seek new avenues of getting yourself and your ideas out there.




There were no Rogues this week.




Despite the aspect between the geomes being a trine the Four Levels model shows that the Flow is steadily Contracting from Tristitia to Amissio and then to the Active Transform Puella (4).

The shift from fifth house to ninth house shows we are developing a more approach to what we want to achieve. The Flow then continues on to the first house showing that it is we who need to change our approach, not others.

So while the trine is helpful and we should look to the positive, we need also to make sure that we end up looking to ourselves for the solution to our problems.


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