Look What I Found In The Undergrowth! 2

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Via + Acquisitio → Amissio (1234)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 11th October 2015


I’ve got a gardening metaphor for you this week…

It depends exactly where you are in Flow this week, but there’s an issue with that overgrown Path. You will either need to tackle all those weeds and brambles soon, or, you’ll be part way through it, or, you’ll have just finished. Whichever is true those weeds must/had to go.

There are two benefits to doing this.

Firstly, you might be surprised what you uncover in all the undergrowth: lost footballs, that ‘thing’ the dog dropped in there, stuff that started to sprout and flower without you noticing (interesting, huh?).

Having cleared the space you will feel lighter in yourself. You’ll be able to see exactly what’s what and begin to get to the root of the problems around you.

Given that this first geome, Via, is in Aries don’t push too hard or cut too deeply. The more you clear away the more light-headed you are likely to feel as you see clearly what is taking shape in front of you. The geome is in the eighth house however, the traditional house of Scorpio, so don’t cut back more than you absolutely need to.


Secondly, it will just make you feel so much better having cleared that space. And this is where it gets interesting: Others will notice the clear space, too. Acquisitio in the 10th shows that people will notice what’s new about you and your ideas when they wander through the garden.

Word to the wise: It won’t do you any harm to give them a nudge and show them what you’ve been doing. They will appreciate you having cleared matters up and they will be able to much more clearly see your intentions and abilities.

There is no harm in drawing people’s attention to what you’ve done, just don’t be too pushy. Be patient. Let them see the potential for themselves and don’t crowd them.

They may be shy or they may just be browsing. Either way suggest and don’t pressure. Make things clear by all means but only those who can genuinely help you will take the next step for themselves.


Take control of your Destiny


At first you may be worried that you’ve pruned back a little too hard, but you needn’t be concerned, but the Active Transform Amissio (1234) in the 12th house (Leo) shows how best to handle this. Gardens always look very bare at first. Don’t push too much, let things settle.

After all your gardening efforts, rest! You need to rest as much as do the plants. Just as you been thoughtful, gentle but determined in getting rid of the undergrowth so you need to take care of yourself, too. Take time off after your efforts. Pamper yourself a little bit. And by that I don’t mean doing your nails, I mean to make sure that you take care of yourself inwardly. You’ll need to be able to follow up on new developments when they occur.

You know what you want ultimately, at least in broad outline. Follow up those things which move you in the direction you want to go.

Pin and train the bushes so that they grow back where you want them to go in the future.

You only need to train the new shoots when they appear.




There were no Rogues this week.



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2 thoughts on “Look What I Found In The Undergrowth!

  • Mariam

    Thank you Les, that is a really great sight for this coming week! I am sorting and cleaning since a couple of days and this makes completely sense!! Encourages me to go on.

    • LesCross Post author

      Thanks for the reply, Mariam. Do let me know what interesting things you find as you clear away the unnecessary matters.