Lining Up To Do

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 22nd March 2015


The synchronicity had me shaking my head in surprise when I cast the geomes…

The two aspects of the sun, in conjunction in the seventh house (opposition to the first house’s ‘Self’), and giving the Active Transform of the new moon conjunct (which translates as an eclipse) make themselves felt this week. The fact that this is in the house of relationships (seventh) who’s sign at the moment is Virgo, suggests that we will be aiming to perfect something about ourselves and our working and relationships with others.

To say that this is a time of connecting and sharing would therefore be a bit of an understatement.

The Universe – or at least the Solar system – is lining up this week. When you can see the Flow by actually taking photographs of what is happening in the heavens (see the post about Magic and Friday’s eclipse) then it’s a fair bet that we’re in for a powerful message!


Last week the message was ‘take the intuitive inspiration around you and then add your own uniqueness’.

This week the Flow becomes more urgent and more demanding: This week, not only add your inspiration and ideas but then immediately translate it into action. Don’t think any more, just do – and do lots.

The one thing is clear: You will either be able to translate ideas into action yourself, or this will be done for you.

That last part won’t necessarily be a good thing because it’s likely that someone else will be getting you to help them realise their goals, rather than working on yours.

Flow is unstoppable and it’s not personal. This is the tide and you can’t stop it any more than could King Canute. The tide applies to everyone and so everyone will be feeling that urge to turn ideas into action.

So if you aren’t making your dreams happen you are likely to get roped in to making other people’s dreams happen instead.

This will be a choice. If you don’t make the most of the Flow in making your projects, relationships, ideas, etc. happen, you will probably be swamped with other people wanting you to help them make their ideas happen.

(Of course, there is another possibility.  You might actually want to help make other people’s dreams happen as part of your dreams. . . that would be a nice situation!)

But for the rest of the time take the inspiration and add your own ideas. Translate this immediately into action, preferably with (or involving) others. Focus on getting results and outputs of all kinds.



Take control of your Destiny


That said, the Four Levels model allows us to see even deeper into the event.

The Active Transform couldn’t be clearer in it’s meaning. Adding Fortuna Major and Fortuna Minor gives us Via (34). This indicates that once you have thought about things – move on!

Don’t dwell on the process of creativity but rather take action and get results. The two new single taps on Levels 3 and 4 show that we still have a lot to learn in making our ideas become tangible. But this will be during a period of reflection after we have had a go at getting results.

The real learning and benefit to us will therefore not simply be in getting lots done. The real benefit will be in learning how we can get lots done and what we gain in the process of achieving them.

And the way we will learn to do this is going to be by going through experience and then thinking about it.

As the old saying goes: “What we learn, we learn of doing.”




There were two Rogues this week: Puella and Acquisitio.

Puella indicates that the driving force this week should be your thoughts. That doesn’t mean that you should keep thinking and mulling things over! It means that progress should be a deliberate act of will.

Acquititio warns that we will be tempted at times to focus on process rather than progress.

The sequence then should be: Think – Do – Reflect/learn.


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