For Goodness Sake, Grow Up!

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Puer + Via → Conjunctio (124)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 13th March 2016


From a geomantic point of view this casting is very interesting! There is an unusual ‘mutual disposition’ of the geomes (both of them being in each other’s sign). Puer resonates in Scorpio and Puella is the ruler of Libra. This enriches the interpretations as each geome then has it qualities of the other.

Given that Puer is associated with Mars and therefore related to ‘action’ all the way through to ‘war’ and that Puella is associated with Venus and hence ‘harmony’ all the way through to ‘deep love’ you can see that an exchange of qualities could be quite a thing to watch!

Puer in the eighth house (Libra) suggests that this week you will want to keep the peace. That said, other people are unlikely to make this easy for you! You are likely to feel that you are trying to keep a lid on things most of the time. And whilst you won’t always be able to be the final judge as to what happens you will probably have both hands on the reigns and be able to exert significant influence on how things turn out.

It will be interesting to see the details of this: are you deliberately seeking to help solve the problem? Or is the problem being handed to you? Are you trying to help others? Or are you getting involved only to keep your own sanity?

Puella in the ninth house (Scorpio) indicates that whichever of these is the case that you will be able to keep the peace providing you can look at the bigger picture.

In fact, there are several bigger pictures which could be looked at. If you just want to keep a lid on things then examining the situation from other people’s point of view will be useful.

However, if you want peace in sanity for yourself then it will probably be best to look at the facts surrounding the problem area and keep away from other people’s egos.

The key question to ask yourself is whether others just want to get their own way or whether they are really trying to solve the problem. (And of course, people are likely to say they’re trying to solve the problem when in fact they just want to get their own way.)

If we left things there then the Continuing Flow between the geomes would probably try to settle on some compromise in the situation. However Geomancers know they can go a stage further by considering the Active Transform.



Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Conjunctio (124) in the 10th house (Sagittarius). Moving from Puella to the Active Transform is an Expanding Flow which opens up possibilities for you in the wider world:

Don’t try to solve other people’s problems all by yourself. Aim to be bigger than the situation and to see the wider implications.

Look for the forces at work rather than the people (egos) and see if you can determine the root cause of any problems. Find the facts. And if you do decide to get involved in the situation you’ll probably find that reminding people of the bigger picture, their dreams, hopes and aspirations of what can be achieved will bring them back into line.

There something else you can do to help keep your calm, too…

Get yourself a Teflon suit. Don’t let anything stick to you. Keep in mind the Polish phrase ‘This isn’t my circus; these aren’t my monkeys!’


[bctt tweet=”This isn’t my circus; these aren’t my monkeys!”]


And if you are happy to go deep into Flow then you can reflect further: how else could you have handled events in the week? Could anything have been nipped in the bud? Could a little preparation or forethought have prevented a bigger problem?

… I’ll leave that with you.



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