A Fundamental Shift

A fundamental shift or a shift in fundamentals?

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 24th August 2013

They are not the same thing.  A fundamental shift takes everything you know and everything that you are and moves it lock, stock and barrel to a new place.

A shift in the fundamentals, however, can be anything from a change of emphasis all the way through to some drastic additions or pruning.

All we can be sure of this week is that there will be a significant shift of some kind and that it will be, well, fundamental.

The reason for such a dramatic change is because the principal players Amissio and Rubeus can signal loss on one hand and revolutionary change on the other. Truth be know, this is going to be a very good time for the change, too.  Let’s look closer. . .

Amissio in the twelfth (Leo) points to the fact that you are probably feeling that you have a connection to others but that it is not really working for some reason. The chances are that you are currently withdrawing from situations simply because you are expecting the worst to happen.  Perhaps your intuition is foreshadowing what is to come.

But there is nothing to worry about in this expanding flow – you will find that matters will come to a natural head for you this week as a tipping point is reached in your physical efforts.

You can see the shift from the two taps at Level 2 of Amissio to become a single tap in Rubeus. This shows that what was a mental obstacle will get removed.  As Rubeus is in the fifth house I would expect that this is going to be caused by some massive creativity on your part or because a social situation suddenly opens up for you.

Creative explosion

Given that Amissio is traditionally ruled by Venus (which is associated with beauty and harmony) and that the twelfth house is associated with all kinds of unconscious activity then the first impulse is to think that this as being a time of great creativity.

On the other hand it also represents love and social interaction (as it sits in Leo) with the Flow expanding into the fifth house, the traditional home of Leo!  This is then where we find Rubeus, invariably associated with some form of drastic change.

Thus there are two ways that this force could play out.  One is a shift driven by you and your creative powers to find new solutions.  The other is an external pin-prick to a balloon of opportunity which then cascade into your life.

Looking still deeper we see that only the bottom taps stay the same between the two geomes which indicates that the physical environment will largely stay the same.  This gives us the clue to unlock the reading.  What will change, however, is that your plans will largely start to work out physically and also get taken up by others.

Given that the Flow passes to Rubeus in Capricorn we can see that what we have is a discovery of a true sense of self – a finding of our purpose.  We find strength (Rubeus) when we make connections (Capricorn/fifth).  The real adjustment comes from us somehow, but it will be an adjustment which suddenly makes everything fit.  Hence the title of this post. . . have you changed your fundamental approach or has what you focus on changed fundamentally?  Write and let me know. . .

Take control of your Destiny

By determining the Active Transform we get a glimpse of where we might profitably go with these changing circumstances:

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, August, 2013, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy

Active Transform Cauda Draconis (13)

This gives us and important part of the picture as it shows where the Flow is going next: into the house of external perceptions, career and how we want to be seen.

Even not knowing which type of shift is going to be the impetus we can see that this is going to be something good for us.  Although the shift from Rubeus is now a contraction to Cauda Draconis this is a necessary focusing of the otherwise disruptive forces of the change.  We see an opening of the way not previously dreamed.

While some of your basic assumptions might have had to change you will be able to see this as a change which can propel you forward.

If you have already been working to make changes in your life then this is a time of a significant move in direction for you.  People will start to see you as you want to be seen.

Cauda Draconis suggests that something about this change will be fated or destined to happen for you.  My feeling is that something you have been working towards and longing for will start to materialise.  Cauda Draconis is also associated with fated endings which means that you will probably need to ‘allow’ the death of something which is ready to fall away.  Release it.  Let it go.

Creativity and self-expression will be key factors for you now.  The possibility will exist to allow these changes support new ways of working and possibly also improvements to your career and how others see you.  Allow the healing change from Rubeus to cut away what no longer serves.  You’ll travel further and faster.

What to do this week

  1. Expect a shift from pent-up concerns to an explosion of creative possibility
  2. This shift may be from within or without, but you will feel the effect of it inside
  3. Make the most of stripping down to the essentials of what works
  4. Let go of what is not working


The sentence is longer than the verdict.

Focus on the effect rather than the cause.


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