Populus + Populus → Populus
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 13th June 2021

Populus is the dominant influence throughout the Casting. It was both the first and second geome cast and therefore also gave rise to the same Active Transform.

In a situation like this you can’t help but think that the message should be clear. Indeed it is. We have to consider both the geomes, the Flow between them and, most importantly for the applied meaning, the houses in which the geomes rest.

The Flow between the geomes indicates that all is at fullness. This represents a watershed where there seems to be a plateau of influence.

This may seem to be a breathing space. It may also be a simmering while things fall into place.

It certainly seems to be a place where we can look around and take stock.

Populus in the 3rd house (Leo) suggests that, as with a full Moon reflecting the Sun, we need to reflect on the changes around and within us.

As with almost anything in life, when we arrive at some form of fullness or completion we have time to look around and to check while we have a moment to catch our breath. Here it is asking us to examine what we have been doing. It suggests that now is a good time to see if what we intended is what is turning out. Change for the sake of it is not what is needed. Change should be proper progress. This is time to reflect on whether that is the case.

Populus in the 1st house (Gemini) is asking us to see where we might go next. By building on the first geome’s ‘are things happening as intended’ it asks us to think about the actual steps each part of your journey is likely to produce. This is asking us to check ‘where next’ from our current plans and projects.

Put another way, the first geome is asking ‘is everything turning out as hoped’, the second is asking ‘is what has been produced so far still going to get you what you want?’

Fullness, Guzman Barquin, Unsplash, (CCO)


Take control of your Destiny

The Active Transform this week is Populus in the 11th house (Aries). Flow is clearly pointing you in the direction of your goals and hopes and dreams.

It suggests that you find out what’s working—and keep it.

It suggests that you find out what’s not working—and get rid of it (or cut it down as much a possible).

The Pars Luna helps identify this interpretation by showing that while matters seem to be pointing the right way, you need to ensure that you arrive fresh and relaxed and ready for the next stage.

This means that you check that you are carrying no surplus baggage or unnecessary items.

This applies physically, to your thoughts, to people around you, to your projects, to your attention, to your possessions and to your plans.

If something was useful but has now outlived that usefulness you might need to scale it back—or out.

There need be no arguments, no tantrums, no burning of bridges.

What no longer serves should be allowed to fade.

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