Albus + Acquisitio → Caput Draconis (3)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 20th June 2021

It is the Summer Solstice tomorrow in the UK (0432 BST). As regular readers will know we’ll be planting out the trees. These are the trees grown from seed collected when we ‘Touched the hair of the Goddess’ last year. The wheel turns…


The semi-sextile aspect between the geomes in the Casting this week means that Flow seems to be bringing the birds home to roost this week. This can be fortunate—or not—depending on what has already been set in motion. Fortunately, it is also clear as to how best to navigate these times to achieve the best results…

The Flow between all three geomes shows that what was planned now starts to become manifest. What was only imagined (or otherwise hidden) gets centre stage.

Albus in the 12th house (Taurus) indicates that you will benefit from calling on your past experiences, your history and skills in meeting any challenges you face.

You don’t need to get creative in your approaches to problems. You just need to keep to solid, known and workable solutions. After all, what was the point of gaining all your wisdom and experience unless you are going to use it for your own benefit?

Avoid getting side-tracked. In dealing with any challenges all your efforts should be directed to keeping yourself on course. Do not waste any time or effort chasing shadows.

Acquisitio in the 11th house (Aries) indicates that support and encouragement is always available from friends and contacts. Support is just that, however: support. It makes things easier by lifting your vision and lifting your spirit. That said it is you that needs to walk the path. Ultimately it is up to you to do what is necessary. You may feel as though a spotlight is going to be shone on you, but you have nothing to hide or to fear!

The Pars Mercurii in the 12th house (Taurus) shows that there is no need to doubt yourself. You are doing the right thing for yourself and should not question your motives, your intentions or the rightness of your approach. Just do what you know to be right.  Do it with maturity and do it appropriately.

Spotlight, Luis Morera, Unsplash, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Caput Draconis (3) in the 10th house (Pisces). This is a very hopeful and encouraging sign. It shows that you can listen to your own advice and that you will be glad you started when you did. You will be glad that you used your time wisely.

Keep to your plan and do what needs to be done.

The best way forward is to fulfil the essential requirements—don’t accept anything less from yourself.

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