Full-Gemstone Geomantic Chart For New Baby Prince 2

The People’s King in the making

—  Privately torn, publicly loved  —

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Full-gemstone Astrogem Geomantic chart for new Royal baby born 4:24 pm, 22nd July 2013, London

First of all I wish their Royal Highnesses my warmest congratulations on the birth of their son.

Several people have asked to see a geomantic chart for the baby. Here is the order of the geomes and their signs which I cast today:

Casting Geome Sign


Fortuna Major Cancer


Puella Sagittarius


Populus Leo


Amissio Aquarius


Albus Gemini


Tristitia Aries


Conjunctio Sagittarius


Caput Draconis Taurus


Carcer Libra


Rubeus Scorpio


Puer Aquarius


Laetitia Sagittarius


Cauda Draconis Leo


Acquisitio Capricorn


Fortuna Minor Capricorn


Via Taurus

Here is the same chart with the corresponding Astrological symbols:

Astrogem Geomancy Royal Baby Horoscope Chart Prediction Character

Planetary correspondences of the full geomantic chart

While Astrogem Geomantic charts provide information about a person’s character the chart above was cast as part of a ‘Methuselah Reading’.  These are not commonly cast as they reveal so much information that it is outside the scope of most diviners and their clients to spend time and effort casting and interpreting them. Methuselah readings cover not only character but also major life events and, unlike other forms of divination, they also reveal some of the context and life situations in which the person’s characteristics and personality are likely to be played out.

Major Geomantic Influences

Fortuna Major:  The first thing to note about the casting is Fortuna Major in the first house.  This is an extremely fortunate sign for the new Prince and fully establishes his regal approach to life, both in family and in personality.  It also marks him out as someone who is touched by fate to be be thoughtful and sensitive to people’s feelings.

Polar Opposites/Axes:  There are several influences which give ‘axes’ in the chart. These are areas which will have to be wrestled with, that will provide conflict in some way.  In this chart they mark out someone with very different personal and public characters:

Fortuna Major/Fortuna Minor:  This will be shown as wanting to be strongly himself and to express who he is to his fullest extent as an individual versus the needs of duty and to do the physical job required.  This will probably make him feel very restless and always torn between wanting to be and to express his true self but fighting against the demands of the highest public office.  This is likely to be noticed by the public at times both in his comments and actions.

Carcer/Tristitia:  His home-life will seem very constricting and burdensome – a really slow grind compared to the new ideas and innovative thinking which he would like to mark his public profile.  This is likely to cause family conflicts but because he will try to keep the peace with his family these conflicts are not as likely to be seen publicly.  When the family relent and he does get a chance to do things his way he may be disappointed that not everyone will be as appreciative as he had hoped.  In this matter he is likely to find his grandfather lending him a sympathetic ear.  The new Prince’s ideas about the role of the Royal family is another dilemma which will not be easy to resolve.  He is likely to seek to integrate the best of the old and the very new in the profile and actions of the monarchy.

Rubeus/Via:  As someone who definitely enjoys having a good time physically and socially he will have to learn how to balance this with his deeply sympathetic and understanding nature. This seemingly shallow/deep nature will confuse some people as they will never be sure which is ‘the real him’. But to those who really know him they will see a depth of character which rationalises these two forces as simply ‘someone living life to the fullest extent of their personal expression’.  His choice of partner may seem unusual to some and his pursuits in love a little reckless, but his final choice of soul-mate will compliment him perfectly, no matter what others may think.

Albus/Conjunctio:  This shows that he will be able to offer the sweetest and most personally sympathetic – even deeply empathic – understanding for those in need or pain.  He will also be able to find spiritual comfort, direction and ultimate meaning in his life in which he will inspire others in turn.  All differences and difficulties with the public will be forgotten when people finally understand him and appreciate the depth of his caring and compassionate nature.  There is likely to be a particular event or series of closely related events which brings this about.  This will mark a turning point in his life.

Populus/Cauda Draconis opposite to Puer/Amissio:  There are likely to be challenges from groups of people wanting to take advantage of him and his position (not unexpectedly).  Here there may be danger that his deeply sympathetic nature will make his heartstrings an easy target for the ‘seemingly needy’.  Why can others see it but he not?  The combination of these four factors in this axis is likely to see the sharpest action arousing him to genuine anger if he finds betrayed trust. Frustrations will mount until snapping point and anyone at the sharp end of his anger will face a formidable enemy!

General character

This is a casting dominated by very strong personal dualities:  charismatic on the outside but seemingly quite emotionally deep within. People close to him will often see a see-saw of emotions and interests even in a single conversation. . .

They will learn of deep personal concerns followed by a ‘buckling-up for duty’ almost in a pair of sentences; they’ll hear a loud and opinionated reformer who will then temper his ideas as someone whose kindness, responsibility and ability to connect with the public will endear him to the nation and the world.

When I finished casting the chart the sun happened to shine through my window and brightly lit three houses:  the tenth, the eleventh and the first.  To an Astrogem Geomancer this is a further sign.  This is where illumination for the new Prince will be noticed most strongly – in his public profile and ability to change the way he and his role are seen (tenth house), his ability to connect with the public in a very human way with both compassion and inspiration (eleventh house) and as someone who wrestles with his deepest instincts and passions for the good of everyone else (first house).

There are many, many other individual influences to be considered and discerned from the other interactions of the geomes in this chart, but I believe that these are some of the most significant characteristic which will be played out and recognised as he writes his life story.


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2 thoughts on “Full-Gemstone Geomantic Chart For New Baby Prince

  • Malcolm

    An excellent Geomantic chart Les. I get the impression that there may be a bit of Princess Diana’s influence infused in his genes.
    Very interesting.

    • LesCross Post author

      Yes, I got that impression, too.

      It’s an interesting combination of her sensitivity and Charles’s social conscience (building design and environmental issues). Much of his time will be spent trying to come to terms with his own nature and his hereditary responsibility. I find the chart engrossing and have been working on it and thinking about it all day! The 2nd/8th axis will be of interest to Royal watchers, as will the 4th/10th – all very public and private tussles. The social choices seen in the 5th and 7th will be the stuff of gossip magazines!

      But for me, the real mark of the man will be what happens with the 6th, 10th, 11th and 12th and how he uses Fortuna Major in the 1st to bring it all together.