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That was fun!

You can see that you can always give a geomantic reading.  Use whatever tools you have to hand.

You’re hiking in the hills you pick up some twigs.  . .

If you’re by the river bank, choose some nice river stones. . .

You wake in the morning, select some leaves, scuff over the remains of the campfire and cast onto the blackened, purified earth. . .

. . . and you become the Oracle.

Geomantic Divination

This week’s reading gave us the following:

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Fortuna Minor in the second house (Leo) semi-sextile to Caput Draconis in the third house (Virgo) in a Contracting flow.

Here we see Fortuna Minor, the minor form of the Sun in the Sun’s natural house, Leo. This suggests that you are going to be very focused on physical matters which you feel are dear to you this week.

I would not be surprised if this meant that there was a temptation to splash out financially on something – or at least, someone would like you to.  Silver-tongued sales-people always seem to have a way of trying to induce us to part with our hard-earned cash, it seems.

In this case we see that there is a strong social component to that inducement, too.  Are they just being charming or do you see the opportunity to max-out on your credit card and have a good time?  The Flow between the geomes suggests that this would probably not be a good move in the end.

About face!

You can see that all the taps in Fortuna Minor collapse and reform into just two taps at the top of Caput Draconis.  The primary indication here is that the main physical drives, impulses and inducements keeping your attention outwards are going to rapidly fade away.

Now that might sound boring and a real party-pooper at first, but this looks to be decidedly to your advantage!  Caput Draconis is in the third house, which is associated with your ideas and thinking – a natural and powerful house in which to receive the inspirational, if not, intuitive flash that is going to come your way!

The third house is also the house of brothers and sisters, short journeys and communication.  It may seem difficult to rationalise all those influences for a moment.  However, the one thing we can see is that whatever inducements there are to use your resources just for yourself at the start of the week there’s likely to be this radical shift to ‘other, (higher) thinking and inspirational ideas’ as the week progresses.

Shifting gears

This flash of insight is not only fortuitous in shifting your attention from the physical to the mental, it is also fated.  Caput Draconis is a great one for making sure you notice.  And in this case (third house) the kind of things you’ll be thinking about will be very close to home.

Given that Caput Draconis is in Virgo I think that you will see this influence manifesting with brothers, sisters, younger people and where you will have to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.  I see you also going round knocking some sense into people’s heads this week, too.

Take control of your Destiny

Adding the geomes to get the active transform is very helpful.  It tells us where all this shifting about is leading.

The Active Transform is Puella (14) in the fourth house (Libra).  Here we see another natural placement with Puella’s association with Venus in it’s natural sign. The fourth house speaks to us of home.  This also gives us even more of an indication that the issues we will have to deal with this week are going to relate to siblings and younger people rather than travel or communication, (some of the other significant meanings of the third house).

The point seems to be that you can capitalise best if you make sure that everything is smooth, even and harmonious in the home environment.  And in fact, that’s what this particular Flow and your intuition has been all about:  Re-establishing the balance between ‘outside’ and it’s ‘temptations’ with the true quality and value you feel from getting your home, mind and relationships comfortable and secure.

This is not joy-killing.  This is much more an exercise in getting your priorities right, even if it means being a bit dramatic.  Without a secure base none of the other possibilities would have amounted to much, or at least, nothing much worthwhile.

Don’t feel you have missed out because you have kept to what is of true value to you.

What to do this week

  1. Matters are likely to shift radically from physical to mental
  2. Something or someone is trying to get your attention
  3. By paying attention you’ll avoid a bigger ‘cost’ later on


There is no such thing as a fate worse than fate.

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2 thoughts on “Your Intuition Shifts Your Focus Back To What’s Important

  • Shad Schroeder

    Great video, Les.
    First if all, is it so cool in the UK that you need a sweater? We’re melting here in West Virginia (USA).

    Second (and more importantly), your genuineness and humanity show through with every video you release. I really like them.

    This is a wonderful way to do a reading, very organic and clever. It challenges me to seek other ways to ‘toss the leaves.’

    Thanks for sharing this and for the weekly readings.

    • LesCross Post author

      Shad, glad you like the video – great fun to do, too.

      I was going to say that the jumper was the result of a student prank with some super-glue that went horribly wrong, but the truth is more prosaic I’m afraid. . . I’ve been up since before sunrise (like most geomancers I suppose!) and it was still cool in the day and actually overcast at the time the video was shot.

      And you know what it’s like – you start shooting and then the Continuity department won’t let you change, and make-up get fussy if you keep taking things on and off over your head.

      What I go through for you all!