How To Stop Your Life From Going In Circles

If you feel you are going round in circles this week then here’s how to break free

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Astrogem Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 29th July 2013

This week shows a very unusual casting with both aspects of the Moon conjunct in the house of relationships with others.

This gives a very clear indication that relationships are, or should be, high on your agenda this week.  It is also likely to have implications for how you work with others (and possibly also contractual and even minor legal matters, too).

The first thing to note is the remarkable duality present in the chart.  The Moon in the geome Populus is looking at itself in a mirror and sees both its old self and its new self, Via – the same, but different.  This gives us our clue to unlocking the meanings.

This week we are likely to see shades of our previous relationships or possibly just a repeating pattern in our existing ones.  Lessons thought to be learned will probably have to be re-learned.  It’s almost like déjà vu.

Populus brings culmination and also, as you might guess from the name, groups of people. So we see here that relationships are not just one-to-one interactions but are probably more likely to be group interactions.  In the broadest sense they might indicate your relationship with the world in general.  Being resident in Aquarius the indications are that we are looking at our connection to humanity in general.  And humanity seems to be looking back in a largely disinterested or detached way.  Why?  Why are we not connecting?

Ironic lack of connection

While you are thinking about that disconnection it is ironic that this will make others think that you aren’t really concentrating on them in the here and now. They may even comment how distracted you seem.

You might even find that events seem to be repeating themselves.  It’s almost like you have fallen through some time-warp and are re-living your life in a parallel universe. Matters that you thought were settled can seem no further forward, while other events seem near to completion that you thought were only just begun. . . it’s all very confusing.

As the week progresses the meaning becomes clear, however. . . it’s all about ‘unfinished business’.

In some areas of your life it seems that you have been racing ahead, while in others you haven’t been paying attention and keeping up.  This is now a chance to catch up and to get things in order.  Think of it as a pit-stop and catch your breath.

Take control of your Destiny

The Moon just keeps on giving!  The lunar influence packed as strongly as this (and in such a mental sign as Aquarius) suggests that there are going to be multiple reflections and layers to your thoughts this week.  There’s always going to be something more going on, always more to understand and interpret.  So not only is this a pit-stop we need to understand the underlying message.

Adding the geomes gives us Via as the Active Transform.

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, July, 2013, Geomantic Divination, Horoscope, July 2013, Astrogem Geomancy,

Populus and Via transform into Via

Whenever we add Populus to another geome we always get the second geome again.  But just as the full Moon reflects the Sun then Populus reflects the feeling of completion, but a completion which can be looked at in more than one way.

Here it is asking us to think about not just what is making our world seem to go in cycles, but – at the moment – in circles.  It’s asking what we are doing which is reinforcing the patterns in our lives.  This applies to both our ‘inner life of being’ and our ‘outer life with relationships’.

The Flow is looping like this for a reason.  It’s not just ‘unfinished business’.  It’s about lessons that are yet to be learned about some of the causes you create and the effects you are producing.

The good news is that this a useful time as you can work with the Flow a barometer of the effect you are having on your own life.  Do good things for yourself and good things will result.  Do things which don’t help and you are likely to get nothing – no response, no reaction, no effect.  Nothing.

When you make enough of a difference then others will react to you very quickly.  This allows you to gauge your impact very precisely.

What to do this week

  1. Realise that thinking about why people are behaving the way the are will not help this week
  2. Ask yourself how and why you are creating the circumstances for repeating patterns in your life
  3. Keep good behaviour/patterns and get rid of unhelpful ones
  4. Make significant changes and you’ll see people react quickly
  5. If they don’t react then it wasn’t a significant change


If you look in the mirror and see a smudge on your face, do not rub the mirror.

Rub your own face and, magically, the person in the mirror will rub theirs too.


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