In Case You Missed Her Last Time…

  Just in case you missed the opportunity last year, you should start looking now! If you want to Touch the Hair of the Goddess then any time from now onwards in the north and western hemisphere is good. Here’s what I found to be the best conditions to watch […]

Guest Post: Mike Pascoe In Glastonbury

  Les: I wasn’t able to make the Glastonbury MBS this time and I asked Mike Pascoe if he would like to stand in for me. After I managed to get my arm back into its shoulder socket I gave him the details and he kindly did the business, stood […]

Touching The Hair Of The Goddess

  You’re not too late if you want to try…   Catch a leaf as it falls from a tree. Hold it for a moment and look at it. And then let it go.   This was a living thing, untouched by humans until now.  It’s made from carbon dioxide, […]

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