Close The Oven Door

Fortuna Major + Carcer → Amissio (34)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 27th October 2019

We went out on Friday to see if we could Touch the Hair of the Goddess. It involved leaping about in what were some very strong gusty conditions!

The car shown in the corner was stationary! I do not throw myself in front of oncoming traffic, even to Touch the hair of the Goddess!


Leap to the right


Stretch up!


Feel happy with the Touch while you take the Hair for its close up photo




I mentioned it to Sam C in France when we got back. He went out immediately and was also able to Touch…


Sam C says there’s not a moment (ahem) Toulouse. (Sorry!)

He claimed it was “slim pickin’s” but that he would try again later.


This week we see that we need to move from planning to action to secrecy…

Fortuna Major in the second house (Scorpio) shows that the planning and researching we have been doing is necessary. But it also comes with a warning, given where Flow goes next.

It foreshadows the message that planning is fine so long as you don’t spend too long doing it. The suggestion here is to make sure you get the planning at the right level. Make sure that you are on firm foundations but don’t spend so long planning that you end up either navel-gazing or disappearing down too many rabbit holes! This is going to be important particularly as the week progresses.

Carcer in the seventh house (Aries) shows some very interesting interactions with others. It can operate at a couple of levels depending on whether you get the interactions right from the first geome.

Specifically, if you are getting stuck in all the details then others are likely to be both resistant to your ideas leaving you feel a little isolated. They might even suggest that a more practical and immediate approach is needed.

If you take the initiative, however, by focusing on principles rather than specific practices, then you are much more likely to get your ideas accepted by others.

But how to do that?

This will mean that you will need to keep your mind open with regard to approaches.

The usual wisdom is to have an open mind. But remember, you can’t bake a cake with the oven door open all the time. At some point you have to close it.

Close the oven door, Couleur, Pixabay, (CC0)

This suggests the approach to take! Use what you are seeking to provide guidance, ground-rules, advice, limits or boundaries for others. Don’t be too dogmatic about how it is to be done so long as it does not go over the agreed limits. Just make sure that things are moving in the general direction of what you want. So long as they get the idea, allow variations of time and action to work in everyone’s favour.

The Pars Solii this week is in the eighth house (Taurus). The house mirrors the sign of the second geome’s house and therefore suggests that you don’t seek change simply to be radical. Instead, seek change because it works and it is necessary. Don’t insist on exactly how things are to be done, but rather on whether or not it gets results! Because Carcer can be a little resistant, given the quincunx aspect, you will only be able to take others with you so far, this week. If you want to make further progress you need to look where Flow is going next…


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Amissio (34) in the 12th house (Virgo). This is very clear. There will be only so far that you can go with others. It’s not simply that they are being resistant or slow but rather because you are clear and shooting further and faster than they can go.

To keep up your momentum and to not waste time the solution is simple: Do what you do in secret.

Work in the background.

Carry on after they have gone home.

Get up and start early.

Make the connections and lay in the ground work.

Waste no time. Do what you can, when you can.




The Rogue is Fortuna Minor in the fifth house (Aquarius).

Don’t get distracted by others particularly in social situations or events.

Keep social links cool but interested.

Give people an idea of what you can do, but keep your focus.

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Thank you.


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