How To Feed A Hungry Lion

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 6th January 2014

This week feels like you are ready to start expanding your ideas.  You want to create something new and to connect with new people in new ways.  This has a familiar and social component to it, it seems.  This is because Fortuna Minor is associated with the Sun, which is the natural ruler of Leo – all very sociable.

At first sight the two taps at Level 4 of the geome suggest that this is a good time for that expansion and that you will be able to capitalise on the fact that you physically feel ready to push out and grow.

You certainly feel in the mood to take the opportunities you see in front of you.  And you don’t seem to be afraid to take a gamble either.  It can be very exciting to see a goal so clearly and that there seems to be nothing of any substance to keep you from achieving it.  In fact there is almost nothing stopping you from getting what you want…

Nearly is only half-way

It’s that word ‘almost’ that causes the problem with this square aspect between the geomes.  The ‘almost’ is you.

As Fortuna Minor Flows into Carcer later this week you can see that while the taps at Level 3 remain constant giving you that feeling of ‘wanting to do and get on with things’, the two taps at Level 4 collapse and then reopen at Level 2, giving you a lot to think about.

Given that Carcer is in Scorpio you can expect that the thinking is likely to be deep and passionate.  Indeed it is your passions which seem to have the upper hand later this week.  How can this be?  You know so clearly what you want!  Are these second thoughts?

Perhaps.  But useful second thoughts.  It is better to find out where you passions lie before you commit – especially with others watching – than to find out after having started out.  Being indecisive is not the same as being uncertain!

Listen to your passion.  It is telling you what will complete you, what will make you feel whole.  These passions may feel as though they are limiting you and stifling your creativity, but you know deep down that trying to expand when your heart is not fully committed will only cause you problems later on.  Best find out and deal with it now.

Take control of your Destiny

Think of those passions as a voice to be answered and look for ‘self-control’.  By self-control I don’t mean that you simply stop yourself from doing what you feel you have an urge to do.  Rather, find out what gives you control of your self.

Adding the geomes tells us how the scenario is likely to play out and therefore how we can best capitalise on the Flow this week.  Adding Fortuna Minor and Carcer gives us Acquisitio (12) in the third house (Aquarius):

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, January, 2014, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy

Active Transform Acquisitio (12)

Acquisitio too is all about expansion but this time it is suggesting you expand in a new and harmonious direction – a direction in which you talk things out with others first.  Matters need to be cleared, squared, (if you’ll excuse the pun), with them first.

That said the square won’t make this easy.  What you do is likely to work, but not without thinking through what you want to say carefully first.

This has a double benefit.  Not only will you clear the air with them, but you can also use this as an opportunity to see if your argument sounds good in your own ears!

Listen out for others suggesting that you have other commitments closer to home.  Consider those comments carefully and then do the right thing.  Only you will know which way to go, but it must be a considered way.

In that way you will resolve both your passions and clarify your direction for the benefit of people from whom you may need support later.

When feeding a hungry lion it is sometimes best to throw in some meat to take the edge of his appetite first.  Then you can go into the cage to give him the rest.


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