Rise To The Challenge, Don’t Rise To The Bait

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 13th January 2014

It seems that there are so many opportunities open to you at the moment!  Via in the sixth house is a great one for having multiple opportunities open to her.  Like the new moon over the ocean it promises a new start of a cycle.

I know, I know — a lot of these opportunities seem to require you to do more work.  And it’s not easy work either.  There seems almost no end of backbreaking hard work lovingly thrown in your direction by other people.

So far you have been able to keep your temper and your balance.  You know the forces inside you are starting to get to the point where something will have to change though.  People should not mistake your charm and professionalism for accepting the current situation forever.

And that change is on its way – only it won’t be what you expect.

It is understandable that because you have been doing the job in front of you for so long that you feel that everything seems a little samey.  You might even think that you have lost your way a little.  Did you really sign up for all this?

Well, yes, you did, though it was just one responsibility after another added bit by bit…  And you always seemed the best person to do the job.

Home thoughts

So it is only natural that you are going to seek to find some home comfort for yourself.  Laetitia in the fourth house offers a dreamy possibility of security in your own domain.  Are you thinking of developing more of your creative skills?  Something imaginative in which you can lose yourself and relax?

If you haven’t started looking for this yet then you will do soon.  The double taps at Levels 2, 3 and 4 of Laetitia show that you will find the possibility of expanding your interests in both luxuries and beauty around you very appealing.  The sextile between the two geomes suggests that this is entirely within your rights too and that you’ll find it a good break from work pressures.  The only concern here is over the single tap at the top of Laetitia.

This indicates that while the Flow moves dramatically from all single taps in Via to three double taps in Laetitia, you’ll probably feel that there is something missing.

This is Laetitia’s association with Neptune which is foreshadowing the change to come.

Take control of your Destiny

The change, when it comes, will probably be pleasant and unexpected.  Perhaps the change will come from an unexpected direction rather than being something entirely new.  Flow will do that sometimes – a sudden change in the way the current of life is flowing.

Adding the geomes gives us Caput Draconis (1234) in the second house (Capricorn):

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, January, 2014, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy

Active Transform Caput Draconis (1234)

Here we see your intuition and deep feeling both paying off.

You knew you were right!  There was something missing.  Now you have a much better idea of what it was, too.

Yes, it may still involve work, but this is work cheerfully undertaken.  This is work leading to progress!

The reason?  Because you will clearly see where you can add something unique of your own.  A new possibility that nobody else had considered.  Aren’t you a clever Astrogemer?

Don’t hold back.  The Universe needs your help as only you can provide it!

Two new taps at Level 1 of Caput Draconis just shout the need for you to show how to make changes:  “Get rid of that; adapt this”.  Look to make solid, practical improvements.

Don’t get carried away with just the feeling of making change — there’s still a lot for you to learn to apply.  Help others and use this as a time to experiment with and explore your gut instincts further.


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