A Classroom Of One

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 28th July 2014

So, who you are trying to impress?

This week sees you trying to get up to speed with a view to extending your world around you.  You have a nice, even balance at the moment, so should you be trying to push out further after all your hard work recently?  Don’t you deserve a bit of time off?

You seem to be quite relaxed and in a capable frame of mind at the moment.  This is probably why you feel like pushing out the boundaries later this week.  If you look you will find there are no shortage of things for you to work on.  Projects and ideas will come thick and fast and all of them will have you at their centre.

Everything should seem clear to you: the way forward, what needs to happen and what results you are likely to get.  For some reason however it may be difficult to see early results from your efforts.  This will not be too much of a problem so long as you can remain detached and keep your mind on the longer-term.

You are likely to find that many things are going to revolve around you this week.  Your plans, your actions, your results.  It can feel like you’re the only one doing anything.

Take control of your Destiny

When we look at the Active Transform Caput Draconis (23) we can see that while you may feel that you were sitting in a classroom of one you will have the opportunity to both practice and learn some very useful lessons.

This means that even if you do get a little ahead of yourself you will not have to explain yourself to others.  Neither will you have to carry them with you.

You’ll find this is useful when starting taking on all these new projects as it will help you to think and act faster.

Do make time to learn the lessons however.  Those lessons will stand you in very good stead in the near future.


Conjunctio in the fourth house (Libra) indicates the flow is concerned with external matters both mentally and physically related to your core interests and security.  From there the flow expands to give Tristitia by closing down the external physical world and moving to much more physical force action on your part.

This shows the shift from comfortable surroundings to plenty of action and unpredictable shifts of ideas and directions.  Given that Tristitia is in the sixth house (Sagittarius) then you can expect both concentration and far reaching application of your efforts.

The twist in the tale comes when we consider the Active Transform Caput Draconis (23) in the eighth house (Aquarius).  While we get inspiration from outside it is the two single new taps at Level 2 and 3 which show that the expansion to Tristitia has now condensed to focus on what we can learn about how we think and how we act, rather than on achieving external results.

This means that all the activity and action during the week is likely to teach us some important objective lessons.  We should be thankful that these are in a sextile aspect, which ensures that the learning is beneficial for us.  It’s best to keep our learning, knowledge and experimental testing to ourselves for the moment.


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