Who’s Worms Are They?

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 4th August 2014

This week is likely to see a significant shift in the feelings and events in your life.

The first part of the week will see a very focused approach to dealing with people.  If others get your way they are likely to get the message that they are part of the problem or part of the solution.  You aren’t likely to be taking many prisoners.

This comes from your desire to take an objective view of your life and to clear away what isn’t useful.  The square aspect between the geomes means that communication issues could be a little strained.  What you think is a light touch in dealing with others may instead be read as being a little cool and unresponsive.

Others will need to see that you have taken their views into consideration even if you don’t act on those views in the end.

Later in the week we see a shift to increased physical effort and the desire to reach out to others in a bigger way.  This is something that will have to be worked at.  It may prove to be a little hard going to make progress with others if you have been strained with them earlier.  To get them on your side you will at least have to show that you are prepared to put in as much effort as you ask from them.

The shift in Flow between these two geomes suggests that a can of worms is going to be opened this week.  The worms may appreciate a bit of fresh air having been let out of the can, and they will waste no time in wriggling out of their prison!

Take control of your Destiny

The way to make the best of this is to follow the Active Transform which in this week yields Albus (123).

Albus is associated with wisdom and, in the second house (Leo) we are likely to find that there is a full and frank exchange of views which can do a lot to clear the air.

None of this casting seems particularly bad despite the Square aspects.  Think of these aspects as being more like a grindstone which helps to refine and shape the direction of your current interests.  If others didn’t care (and if you didn’t care) then nobody would spend their time trying to make things right, but they?

What you are likely to see is a shift from your physical effort on your part to new areas of thought and possibility in working with others.  It may be tricky to decide whose can of worms they were originally, but it’s a can that needed opening for everyone’s benefit.


We see a shift in Flow this week from a fairly influential pair of double taps at the base of Cauda Draconis in the eighth house (Aquarius) to give a somewhat strained mixture of wanting to physically transform and end things while still going through them minutely and and emotionally – a heady mixture.

The Flow is in square aspect between the two geomes and therefore suggests having to put in a fair bit of physical effort.  Fortuna Minor is in Aquarius’s natural 11th house but this time with the earthy Taurus in control suggesting a lot of hard work involved in connecting with others.  The predominantly physical nature of Flow in this case means that even if matters progress slowly there is still some movement.

The Active Transform really does surprise us in suggesting how to make the best of Flow.

The two taps at Level 4 continue throughout the whole reading this week.  The Active Transform suggests that the best way to make the use of this is to focus on new areas of sharing our emotions (the two new pairs of taps at Levels 1 and 2 of Albus in the second house).  Some of these may be new feelings for you; they are certainly likely to be new ideas and feelings for others!

Here we are ideally placed to shift from so much ‘doing’ to much more ‘sharing’.  The pace of change may not seem to changing quickly, but use the Transform well.  You can make best use of the Flow by exploring new opportunities to full advantage and possibility for everyone’s benefit.


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