Keeping Still In Times Of Change

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 21st July 2014

This week sees some rapid changes at work or in how people see you, or both.  You are likely to find that things change fairly rapidly this week: new ideas, new gadgets, new directions, but most of all in a new drive forward.

Just when you’re getting used one thing somebody will have a change of mind and things will change again.  If you’re not expecting it then this week could seem quite unsettling.  But now you know, you can use this to your advantage.

The one constant thing this week will be your clear thinking.  Others will look to you for calm reassurance and clear direction.  Don’t disappoint them.  While other people might be quite headstrong in their approach you need to offer calm assurance that everything is under control.

Be solid and dependable.  Reach out to people and let them know you are there for them.

To do this you will need to find ways to ‘make yourself known’ so that when change comes you will be a calm and steady presence.

Keep to what you know even if you don’t think you are getting anywhere.  People will see and respond to you.

Take control of your Destiny

Be prepared to move.  Others may be thinking that big and sudden shifts are necessary, but you should be able to finesse the necessary small changes to make everyone’s life better.  And you will find that even small changes can have big results.

You will be able to produce results which will connect you with others even if you don’t hear much from them by the way of praise or thanks.


A semi-sextile grouping this week all in the houses of transcendence.

Tristitia in the 10th (Aries) is always going to be impetuous, rushed and urgent.  Multiple changes can be expected ­- and quickly at that.  The stabilising tones of Puella in the 11th (Taurus) may seem a bit of a lone voice of harmony, but it is in a very connected house allowing us to reach others in a significant and meaningful way.

With the Active Transform Amissio (4) we can see that it is our ideas, spread universally, which will bring the breakthrough that is sought.

Look at how the taps are manifest: you can see that the two taps at Level 2 remain constant in the Flow.  These are your ideas which stay constant throughout all the change.  You can also see that there is a significant shift from concept to expression as we move from the double taps at Level 1 of Tristitia to the two new taps at Level 4 of Amissio.  This shows the transition from the external world of ideas to a gentler, expressive, physical connection in Amissio.

Puella is strong and uncluttered.  The contracting Flow from Tristitia lets us provide stabilisation and emotional comfort to those around us from this succedent earthy house.  Amissio is identical to Puella except now the external physical is given expression in two new taps at Level 4.  And so the Flow gently and naturally continues to express itself in our new and deeper connection with others.


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