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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 18th August 2014

You know exactly what you feel and also exactly what you want to say.  You are very clear about exactly what it is that you need… Or are you?

Yes, you’ve been doing a lot of thinking and you’ve got everything around you in place, ready to go.  So why is it that when you ask for other people’s help they seem reluctant to assist?  Why do those who are closest to you seem to refuse your requests for help?

It may seem as though they are being strong-willed, childish or unresponsive but that’s simply not the case.  If you were able to look from outside you would see that they are only too responsive.  The thing is responding to themselves.

The reason they seem distant to you is because they are all at sea with their own problems.  They already have too much change in their lives as it is and attending to your needs would only add to their problems.

They are sympathetic, but they would prefer you to walk your own path until they can free up some time and resources.  Please understand that your needs this week will not be paramount in their minds.  If you can do that then you will feel less ignored and less demanding.

Take control of your Destiny

There are some things that you can do directly to help situation this week.  The Active Transform is Acquisitio (2) in the fourth house (Scorpio).  This shows that there are two main approaches that you can take to capitalise on the Flow in this situation.

First, don’t make demands which aren’t demands.  This means that you should only ask for those things that you really, really need.  Given the pressures that other people feel they can’t afford to spend energy on anything less than emergencies!

Second, focus on your core and what will make your plans solid.  Because others will have no time for anything irrelevant you should only approach them for help about things that are absolutely necessary.  A single tap at Level 2 of the Active Transform shows that there are other and new ways that you can expand your thinking about your situation yet.

There are things that you can do for yourself, new areas which can and will open up.  Concentrate on your own core tasks and responsibilities.  Look after what you need to look after.

This is not a harsh indictment, it is simply a time when everybody must deal with the problems in front of them.

The indications are very clear:  You don’t need help – at least not their help and at least not yet.


Three huge planetary influences feature in the casting this week: Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter.

Transitions from a determined and impulsive desire to communicate your feelings and possessions will meet with a swift change of Flow as Tristitia in the third shifts and switches back your communications and attempts to change the external environment from Rubeus in the second.

It is only by considering the Active Transform that we see that this is not simply an unresponsive time for us, but in fact for everybody.

The Active Transform reminds us to focus on our core responsibilities (fourth house) whilst being magnanimous (Jupiter) and still developing our own ideas (single new tap at Level 3).

Heavy duty stuff and lots of focus – everyone is likely to be dragging the weight of these three geomes this week.



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