Look Outwards And Lightly Connect

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 25th August 2014

This week sees you feeling a little unsatisfied at first.  This is an entirely appropriate way for you to feel and will actually serve as the engine to move you to where you need to be.

Something seems to be not quite right and you need to look outside yourself to find the answer.  You have everything you need in terms of the resources, talents, materials and tools you need.  What you seem to be missing is a way to connect with others.

Later this week you will have a chance to remedy that.  Don’t feel that you have to wait for that chance however.  There are things you can be doing in the meantime.

Get your own head straight.  Create a sense of expectancy and have your opening gambits ready.  Plan what you’re going to say and how you’re going to introduce yourself.  Get your ‘chat up’ lines ready.  When the opportunity presents itself you will not want to be tongue-tied.

When you are more able to express yourself ensure that your thoughts and intentions are clear.  Actually, make them beautiful!  Part of the attraction of your plans will be how well they fit both in their components and to other people’s needs.

Take control of your Destiny

The change will come when you have the opportunity to connect with others.  This is likely to occur in various degrees later on this week.  In fact there might be several opportunities as the week progresses.

Not all of these opportunities will be loud or obvious and some may appear hesitant at first or even somewhat tenuous.  That is the nature of the square aspect between the geomes coming into play.  Do not be worried if your connections with others seem hesitant, you may be surprised at the effect you can generate.

The key will be for you to inspire others.  Let them see potential.  Let them ‘get it’.  Keep things light and don’t try to get physical commitment too soon.  What you will be looking for generally is an indication of interest, nothing more.  If you get that – and only if you get that – you will be in a position to take things further.  For the moment continue to look outwards and to generate interest.  Everything else can be added later.


Square aspects can be very generative in life and personality, in a flint-and-steel kind of way.  In other words you can expect some sparks!

Here it is clear that Laetitia is looking outwards and feels unsatisfied in the first house.  Looking towards the 10th house we see Puella wanting to capitalise on thoughts of establishment (finding one’s place in the world and wanting to do so (thanks to Taurus) solidly and successfully).

The Active Transform Fortuna Major (1) in the seventh indicates that we will be able to connect with others with regard to our ideas but that this connection may be fast, varied and seemingly light or inconsequential at first.  But this square in Aquarius should not be taken lightly.  Just because something is lightly done does not mean it is not effective or that it won’t lead on to greater things later.  Allow it to take its time, it’s early days.  You need to be prepared for this, however.  That’s why you need your opening lines sorted out before the meeting.  Play it a little cool and feed them only as much as they need or want for the moment.

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