The Power Of The Aftermath

.   If you throw everything you can into your work this week you are likely to get some movement on the things closest to your heart. This is likely to be somewhat subtle at first – tenuous even.  When I saw this combination of geomes it reminded me of […]

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Only Asking For Essentials 1

There are some new videos available here which help you to learn how to start giving Astrogem readings. Take a look and let me know what you think. Onward with this week’s casting. . . You know exactly what you feel and also exactly what you want to say.  You […]

Thoughts Become Actions, Actions Become Passion

Now is the time when you need to make things happen! Puella in the 10th house (Aquarius) indicates that you’ve been thinking for a long time about how to mark your position in life. Your thoughts have been crystallising around the trappings and appearance that you have – you want […]

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Slowing Down To A Crawl, It’s Time To Change The Rules

It should be fairly obvious by now that some of your thinking is crawling along.  Actually it is more like a geomantic whirlpool! Carcer in the first house gives added weight to your outlook certainly and you have been considering deep and meaningful events and people recently.  And while these […]

A Change Of Mind Comes In From The Side

The first thing I will note about this reading is that in taking out the second gemstone a third made its presence felt and I couldn’t choose between them at first. On using my feelings as a guide I was able to decide which was the second geome and which […]