Getting Ready To Pounce

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 11th August 2014

There are two ways in which you can recognise the Flow in this week’s chart.  For most people the Condensation of Flow will bring a welcome relief from all your recent physical efforts.  The Flow moves away from physical activity to more of a mental and inspirational period this week.  You might find that this shift is so dramatic that even you begin to wonder if you are not being too abstract in your approach.  Are you being aloof, detached, or – and this might unsettle you – do you really care?

This shift away from the physical plane is in fact nothing to worry about.  It is simply an indrawing of breath while events around you settle down.

The fact that the geomes are in conjunction in the eighth house (Aquarius) this week means that there will be at least two ways that you can look at what’s happening around you.

Rather than seeing this as a time of slowing down you can get busy with tying up loose ends and preparing to change the emphasis of your projects.

This week you may find that your desire or opportunities to push forward are reduced.  This will allow you time to let your intentions simmer with other people.  Let them get used to your ideas.  Because they are not as involved as you, and because they don’t care as much, it will take them some time to really begin to appreciate your worth.  Don’t let this concern you – all is as it should be.

Take control of your Destiny

To make the best out of the current situation this week you need to consider clarifying your own thinking.  You have a very real chance of being able to connect deeply with others, but not all others.  The thing is you should restrict being too intense in your approach until you meet those who are already sympathetic to what you’re trying to achieve.  Your friends will probably understand but others may think you’ve either gone nuts or won’t care anyway.  Ignore them.

To some people, your easing off will be seen as nothing more than a relaxation of effort.  What they won’t realise is that you have been using this as a time to crouch down ready to spring!  If you really sink into the Flow you will be able to use your intuition quite easily this week to guide you as to the surest path to follow.  The actions you take may seem strange to others, but you will know when it’s right.  Then pounce!


On the face of it the conjunction of these two geomes in a Condensing Flow in an Air sign – and in a house associated with clearing out and transforming – can suggest things are going to come to a grinding halt.  But that’s not the case.

While the taps at Level 3 of Acquisitio (the first geome/gemstone drawn) shutdown and stay closed we can see that the Active Transform Albus (24) shows that the physical and mental connections we have with other people will become very active and give us plenty of scope to start thinking of new directions and of helping us to make connections.

The Flow is about to Expand out dramatically from Caput Draconis (the second geome/gemstone drawn) to give us to new taps at Levels 2 and 4 of Albus.  This is a powerful mental shift in a penetratingly incisive sign-house combination.

So on the face of it, it seems as though the Flow simply contracts down and runs out of steam.  But in fact it is more like an in-breath before expansion.  Make this a time of preparing new and focused outward interactions.  These should not be showy but rather deep and meaningful, as befits the eighth house.


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