Poplus + Populus → Populus
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 12th February 2023

This is a very unusual Casting this week. Not only was the same geome, Populus, Cast for both parent geomes but this also gave Populus as the Active Transform. You may have also noticed that ‘Rogues’ are fairly uncommon in Castings generally. A rogue occurs when a geome ‘makes itself known’ during the Casting: sometimes a gemstone ‘leaps out’ of the bag in which you keep them, or an Oracle card falls out while shuffling, etc. In this Casting there was not one but two rogues… butterfingers or additional information?


Populus generally indicates fullness and completion, the high point of the roller-coaster ride. It is the wedding day itself, the culmination of the dating, engagement, planning and preparation process. But, just like the full moon itself, the wedding itself only lasts one day.

After that comes the next phase, literally. Now starts the ‘living together’ part.

So, while Populus does represent completion in one way it is also an important marker during the complete journey.

That is how the geome and Casting should be read here: Your hopes, dreams and long-term connections (Populus, 11th house (Sagittarius) are allied with you and your public, that is, your external efforts, the you everybody sees and the central position you play in your own life (Populus, 10th house (Scorpio)).

Put simply: This is a time when your resources and your intentions can be brought into perfect alignment.

It is in this perfect alignment (Active Transform, 9th house, Libra) that you can set your course with confidence and ease, knowing all will work out and that only minimal effort will be needed on your part.

You are steering a steady course on a river in full flood.


Alignment, Websiteproud, Pixabay, (CC0)


The Pars Luna and the Rogues act as moderators here. They give further information about any subtle influences and therefore pointers to prepare for.

The Pars Luna this week is in the 2nd house (Pisces). This indicates that you should be careful that the power you have does not lead you to follow new fancies. Stick to the plan. Keep a laser-like focus on the way forward and allow no distractions.




There were two Rogues this week.

Puella in the 5th house (Gemini) taken together with the Pars suggests you will benefit from being cautious of external temptations to ‘fun and games’, avoiding against any gambling risks (and young people only too keen to cheer you on!).

Carcer in the 12th house (Capricorn) warns against any inward doubts you might have.

Stay focused. Avoid crashing into either wall (excess external temptation or internal doubt) of the ravine. Simply make progress with easy paddling of your boat which is carrying you with the torrent of Flow rushing you forward toward success.


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