A Wise Balance

Aquisitio + Caput Draconis → Albus (24)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 1st December 2019

This week Flow is centring very much around balancing out thoughts and feelings.

Aquisitio in the second house (Sagittarius) shows that your feelings and thoughts will be very much to the fore this week. This placement also suggest that you might also have the tendency to be a little too free with your cash and other resources, too.

In all these matters the general advice is to look to the long term and see what is the best value for all concerned. Your initial inclination may be to be too impulsive and to try to make the most of any opportunity that presents. But as we shall see it will be in your best interest to seek to play the long game instead.

The Pars Jovii in the second house suggests that some of the difficulties in your emotions might be of your own making. That is not as bad as it first sounds. It does not mean that any feelings are bad in themselves, only that they are the natural consequence of choices you made in the past. Now is the time to separate what is useful from what is not.

Caput Draconis in the first house (Scorpio) indicates that as the week progresses you will increasingly be able to focus the energy of your feelings into more inspired and energetic plans for the future. It also suggests that it will be useful to distil your thoughts into principles. This means that you will need to sift your feelings and remove details and irrelevancies which could otherwise cloud the issues you are facing. Try to avoid thinking what should happen in a ‘perfect world’. That just adds unnecessary complication and impracticality to what’s going on!

Instead try to see what really belongs in the situation and what does not. By doing so you are much more likely to be able to get to the core of matters.

There are likely to be several choices available to you to move things forward. At times it may seem that you have too many options to you. It will be up to you to use your insight to pick the best of them. You need to do this in order to look after your long term interests rather than seeking just the short-term satisfaction of the moment.


Take control of your Destiny


New ideas, plans and actions need to be carefully thought through to see what sits right with you. You need to find the truest approach to dealing with problems. A wise answer is one which not only answers the question but one which also sits well with you and feels true, too.

A wise balance, Amelie and Niklas Ohlrogge, Unsplash, CC0 (700)

You will probably need to be diplomatic in your dealings with others. This does not mean simply being charming and using understatements though. Here it means balancing the pros and cons in deciding the wisest way forward for the future.

Look to keep a balanced approach and recognise that something or somebody will probably need to adapt.

Seek to find out what is ‘real’. By aiming for the real problem or cause you ensure that both the problem and the symptoms are being tackled and removed.

You are likely to find that you will called upon to be not just fair but just.


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