Unfolding Upwards

Albus + Via → Puer (3)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 8th December 2019

It won’t necessarily be easy to capitalise on it, but you have a great opportunity in front of you this week!

The square aspect between the geomes is likely to shave off whatever is unnecessary before you can move on, but the benefits it brings will be far reaching.

Albus in the third house (Capricorn) shows that while you have all the necessary tools at your disposal you may not necessarily feel like putting in the effort — at least not to start with. Perhaps others have been getting in the way? With this placement it is often youngsters of one kind or another who are slowing down or blocking progress. You can try being kind, compassionate and wise but that is only likely to get you so far. That’s because their demands never seem to stop! You may feel that you are throwing good time or money after bad.

There is only a certain amount of catch up and maintenance you can do however before the opportunity to progress is lost in getting everyone else ready!

Via in the sixth house (Aries) later in the week shows that a new opportunity and new work will open up for you. This can be a great step forward. In some ways you have a clean slate about how you can approach it. The most useful thing to you is likely to be that you feel a burst of knowledge and energy to want to get stuck into it.

This is going to be a very interesting opportunity… Will you let matters continue as they have been doing? Or will you embrace the new direction, effort and tools necessary for an upwards change in direction?

The Pars Mercurii in the 10th house (Leo) adds a further question, too: Are you prepared to take a gamble, particularly as you seem to have been here before?

The square aspect suggests that it would be very challenging to keep things going as they have been doing and still expect to make progress upwards. So the choice is going to be yours as to how best to deal with this new situation.

You probably already know the approach you’ll need to take about nature of the choice that will face you: A ship in harbour is safe, but that’s not what ships for.

Will you set sail?


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Puer (3) in the ninth house (Cancer). This shows that this opportunity to progress is mainly through the efforts you make. These efforts are likely to be the new tools you learn and gain in moving forward.

It’s not that the old rules don’t apply, it’s just that this is a new situation and a new opportunity to move forwards and upwards. That requires a new approach — a new philosophy.

Unfolding upwards, Johannes Plenio, Unsplash, (CC0)

It’s almost like you would be using the sum total of your old knowledge to grow and go forward. But outmoded ways of thinking will need to go.

Which are the outmoded ways?

The outmoded ways of thinking are the ones based on how you did it before. New opportunities and problems require new ways of thinking, new attitudes and new approaches. Are you prepared to do in new ways? The new ways are dictated by the end result itself.

Embrace that idea and embrace the new opportunity.

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