A Geomantic Pearl In The Mud

Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 8th July 2013

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Astrogem Horoscope for week commencing 08-07-2013

Albus in the fourth house (Libra) is square to Carcer in the seventh house (Capricorn) in a Contracting flow.

Geomantic Divination

At first sight this would seem quite a crash.  The wisdom, intellect and ideas of Albus in an Air sign comes headlong into the resistance of Carcer in Capricorn – and all of this happening in a square. Talk about a grinding halt!

But no, we weren’t talking about a grinding halt. We are talking about Flow, and Flow always finds a way.  So while on the face of it we may feel that some of our current projects might not go as hoped, we will be able to get insights on what to do about it.

At the moment you are likely to feel full of good ideas and promise.  You know what you want and more or less how to go about it, you just need other people to play their part. Your ideas are actually quite sound, but others really can cause problems in progressing them this week.

That is the first thing to watch for:  See when you are putting a lot of effort in but not getting much back from them.  Don’t use up your physical resources too much.  Keep an eye on your stress levels and make sure you get enough rest and change of scene.  You’re facing a demanding schedule.

If others keep putting restrictions and obstacles in the way don’t worry.  It won’t be easy going, but you need to know – quickly – if you are wasting your time with something that will never work.  You may be able to progress matters with them a little, but you’ll probably feel that it’s an uphill battle.

For what it’s worth, it will be more important for those around you to see the context of your passion rather than it’s content.  In other words they will appreciate why you want to do it rather than what you want to do.  You will go up in their estimation even if they don’t say much and you will be putting ’emotional money’ in the bank for later, too.

So you don’t waste too much energy you might find it useful just to focus on what needs doing.  Don’t do anything fancy this week.  Just do the job in front of you.

Take control of your Destiny

Adding the geomes gives us our way ahead, however.  In this case we get the Active Transform Puella (3) in the tenth house (Aries).  This gives us a clear indication of how things will not only pan out this week but how we can best shape our fate and move ahead.

You’ll need to bear in mind that none of this will be easy with all these squares around, but now at least we have an idea how to progress:  Focus on the doable. Don’t waste time on things that will never work.  Recognise when the door is firmly shut and don’t look for progress if there is no chance (and no change) from others.

This does two things.  Firstly, you will find that it teaches you something about your resources and the resources of others.  You’ve run up against a ‘limit’ – most likely one of theirs rather than one of yours – then that will be a useful thing to know.  It will show you just how far you can rely on them in future and you can avoid trying to move them past their comfort zone again.

The other thing it teaches you is to move on.  Quickly.  Find a window or find a different door.  It is there, but you’ll never find it if you waste time thumping against that first one that won’t open!

Keep light on your feet and look for what works and – most importantly – what keeps your ideas alive.  Your ideas have worth and they will benefit from a younger (or less mentally fixed) audience – a wider audience, actually.  Look for opportunities to progress which show potential from the start and then engage with them, rather than trying to deflect the course of something already fairly established.  Look for what can happen rather than try to change what is. . . and you will find your pearl.

What to do this week

  1. Remember you have good ideas
  2. Don’t waste time with people who will never change
  3. Conserve your resources and make time for recreation
  4. Do the job in front of you
  5. Find a fresh audience who do appreciate what you want to do


Don’t smash up a huge boulder if you just want a brick.

Find a stone which already looks like a brick.


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