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Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 1st July 2013

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Astrogem Horoscope for week commencing 01-07-2013

Conjunctio in the eleventh house (Taurus) is conjunct to Fortuna Minor in a Continuing Flow.

Geomantic Divination

As anyone with a knowledge of the geomantic houses will know, the eleventh house deals a lot with friends, associations and – particularly – our interconnectedness with bigger ideals.

We might expect that with Conjunctio in the eleventh that this would give us an overall intellectual, creative and communicative feel to the casting.  But to really understand what’s going on here we need fully to understand the background of Taurus, Fortuna Minor and the conjunction of the geomes.

Let’s put some detail on it, then.  Conjunctio in the eleventh is indeed creative and communicative, and in a very particular area of our lives – the interconnectedness we feel (or want to feel) with others.  Yes, this is an idealistic sign.  We want to belong.  We want to be part of a bigger ‘something’ – that is our drive this week.

Within Taurus we might expect that this is going to be something with a practical outcome. We want to sort out our budgets and to organise our resources.  This is necessary because you are likely to be planning something – something big.  Sure, you understand that you need to plan things carefully, but your eyes are on the big prize!  It’s a prize you have only recently realised that you really can have and you believe that it’s worth having – to belong to a bigger ideal.  Great!

This planning probably has been slow and steady (Taurus).  You have gained insights from others, seen the pattern that you need to follow and know that it is within your capabilities (two taps at Level 1 of Conjunctio).  What you need to do now is to turn those plans into action – and that’s where it starts to get interesting.

If all you had to do was to get yourself ready there would be no real difficulty. As it happens you will need to bring others with you on this path.  And for whatever reason – and even though it would be to their benefit – they don’t seem to be as motivated as you are (single tap at Level 1, Fortuna Minor).

Fortuna Minor rarely gives us all we would like (or sometimes it is a little over-done), but it’s never quite what we expect despite it being an improvement. (This particular influence is also due to the nature of the conjunction aspect between the two geomes.) Conjunctions, like the opposition we saw last week, can be tricky to interpret.  They can be tricky in the sense that what might be thought of as good actually requires hard work, or because what is seen as difficult turns out to be good for us in the long-run – a necessary evil, if you will.

So here’s the situation:  You want the higher prize, but the people you need are being slow. You try and persuade them (Conjunctio) but they only dig their heels in and don’t see the benefits despite your golden tongue.

The solution is obvious:  You have to do it.  You have to move from being the secretary-organiser-coordinator to being little short of the leader.  You’ll have to factor this in to your plans and then ask yourself the question:  Do you still want the prize now you know what you have to do to get it?  And here’s the killer question:  Do you want it enough that you’re prepared to do whatever it takes?

You can get it.  You can enjoy the fruits of your labour.  And just like last week, the journey is part of the outcome.  But you need to know that any recognition you get will be as part of the group anyway, not as it’s driver or leader.

Ah, but the pleasure of being part of that larger enterprise!  You are the person with the will to win and the victory will taste that much sweeter for knowing that it was unlikely to have happened without your efforts!

Take control of your Destiny

When we create the Active Transform we can see how we can make our life easier.  We can see where the weak points are and find the pressure points in the Flow that allow us to get maximum leverage for our efforts.

Adding Conjunctio and Fortuna Minor gives us Amissio (23) also in the eleventh (Taurus).  As Amissio is associated with Venus (ruler of Taurus) we can see that there is a natural sympathy in the outcome we want – essentially that we will be able to succeed – but that we will need to work carefully and to get rid of any dross or unnecessary effort on our part and from others.

We need to find ways to keep our physical exertion to the minimum (single tap at Level 3, Amissio) while at the same time maximizing our clever ideas, plans and approaches (two taps at Level 2, Amissio).  If we can do that we’ll get to where we want with the least effort.  Not no effort.  Just efficiently

Control your finances, look after your possessions and don’t over-exert yourself. And all the time, keep your eyes on the prize.

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What to do this week

  1. Set your eyes on the prize
  2. Know you can achieve the outcome
  3. Don’t waste time trying to persuade others with words – actions will be better anyway
  4. To get most traction, start doing it yourself
  5. Don’t expect a lot of thanks from others
  6. Enjoy self-satisfaction for driving it and for getting the outcome


In a shoal of identical fish

one of them has to decide which way they all should swim.


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