Tristitia + Fortuna Major → Albus (4)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 14th November 2021

Again we see a conjunction in the Casting. It shows a powerful combination of influences all pointing in the same direction:

Tristitia in the 2nd house (Sagittarius) indicates a sudden change of mood this week. Specifically, you are likely to see signs suddenly developing which lead to feelings of optimism! However, it is almost impossible to state the true meaning of this placement without consideration of how Flow changes between this first and second geomes:

Fortuna Major is also in the 2nd house (Sagittarius). It is the movement of Flow between the geomes which then allows a clear interpretation. You can see that Tristitia and Fortuna Major are identical apart from the Taps on Level 3. This shows that the effort you have been putting into your projects will necessarily decrease.

If you are impatient in the efforts you are applying you will be tempted to give up. You will then be surprised that things work out as well they do, seemingly without your help.

However, if you are patient and persist in your efforts to make things happen then when things do work out you will feel this to be validation and confirmation that you were right all along. Let’s delve into that a little deeper.

You are at a time and a place where you can give up or rest if you want to, but that would be a shame. It is likely to knock your confidence if you do. Matters you have started are already on their way to a fruitful next stage. The momentum you have created is virtually unstoppable. But if you give up and stop pushing for what you want then when the (slightly lesser) results arrive you will tend to think you had no part in them and they happened ‘anyway’, without your input. You won’t see that they happened only because of you!

However, if you stay the course, when the results arrive you will be able to see that it was you who made it all possible. By staying with it and smoothing the path further you will be able to realise even further gains. By persisting you will see that events and circumstances are the fruit of your efforts. This is infinitely more satisfying than the reduction of pressure you feel by giving up!

The Pars Uranii is in the 1st house, the Ascendant, (Scorpio). This is an important sign. It indicates that you shouldn’t try to direct what changes are coming. Your job was to create the initial breakthrough in the dam, as it were, and get things moving. Where the water goes after that is largely determined by the contours of the land. Flow, in a geomantic sense, is already in motion.


Breakthrough,, (CC0)

Will you be merely a spectator to what you have created, or will you surf on the tide of events of your making?


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Albus (4) in the 2nd house (Sagittarius). This takes the idea of change to the next stage. The progress and direction of change that will be best to keep in mind is not the control which the Pars cautions against, but rather the application and spreading of the results you have been making.

What was arduous becomes possible and easier. This is because you don’t have to ‘create’, you now need to ‘apply’.

This is a time of ‘emotional learning’.

Let your emotions blossom.


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