Impose Your Will

Laetitia + Via → Caput Draconis (1)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 26th March 2023

This week you need to keep a clear head and focus. It is a week calling for caution in a number of areas. It is likely you could gain help from an unusual source, so keep yourself open to new possibilities.

Laetitia in the 1st house, (Pisces), shows that you may feel a little adrift at times this week. What seems to be missing is likely to be just one thing, however. The missing things is indicated by the Rogue, which has a significant role to play in the casting this week.

The Rogue is Puer in the 10th house, (Sagittarius). It shows that throughout the week you will need to impose your will on events and circumstances around you. Specifically, it suggests that you should not look for problems. Simply keep your ideas and actions local. That is, just deal with what is on your plate at the moment.

The Pars Neptunii reinforces this message. Do not concern yourself with nebulous daydreams and ‘impossible possibilities’. Keep to what is tangible (even if it is emotional at times) rather than the theoretical and speculative.

Laetitia also suggests that you need to avoid getting carried away with only one approach. Imposing your will does not mean you have to be too dogmatic in your approach, it is more concerned with being forceful in facing issues (even when there are a several possibilities). One useful idea is simply to make sure you are taking control of your options. Another useful tip here is to reframe: Instead of your head ‘being in a whirl’, you are ‘imagining various possibilities’; you are not ‘confused’, you are simply ‘exploring several options’—you get the idea.

Via, in the 4th house, (Gemini), indicates that later in the week there might seem to be some conflicting priorities at home, too. Do not let yourself get pulled in too many directions at once. The key here is to prioritise and execute: Decide the most important thing and then get to work on it. Once that’s done, work on the next most important thing. Sort out your head and your heart’s priorities otherwise you will be pulled in too many different directions at once. To do this you will need to impose your will on your to-do list.


Impose your will, Geralt, Pixabay, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Caput Draconis (1) in the 7th house, (Virgo). If you balance things appropriately, you will see how what you want meshes with the ideas of others. Do not seek to pander to them or to try and influence them. If your ideas truly mesh, your thoughts will be drawn together as magnets.


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