The Allure Of Freedom

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Acquisitio + Laetitia → Puer (24)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 26th November 2017

This week shows an interesting progression of Flow. Overall there seems to be a focusing down and targeting of your efforts. You will be changing your emphasis from ‘lots outside’ to ‘few inside’.

Acquisitio in the 10th house (Leo) suggests there’s a lot of showing off going on at the moment. Perhaps you’ve been trying to charm (seduced?) your way forward in order to get your ideas accepted. As it turns out, as charming as you are, this isn’t going to be needed (just yet). You may even find that this approach is just too exhausting to keep up for long if you’re not getting the response you want from others.

The Pars Jovii in the eighth house (Gemini) shows that you want to travel and travel far with others. There is an underlying need to interest them and to impact their lives but that you are finding it difficult to connect with them. Naturally, you are trying to engage with them through making your efforts as visible and engaging as possible. Maybe you are even trying to advertise or sell your particular answers to their problems. But this is only likely to be working to an extent, and not the extent you would like. There needs to be a different approach.

You will find it helps later in the week to offer a more fun but focused approach. This will be good for you as it can otherwise be quite exhausting to try to be all things to all people. It’s likely to require too much effort for too little reward if you’re not careful. By focusing much more on the specific people you want to interest you will be able to make more specific changes in how people see you. Narrowing down your efforts to just those areas where you and they are likely to enjoy being together you will save energy and you will tend to find a more appreciative audience.

Laetitia is in its natural sign in the fifth house (Pisces). This is a natural extension of the Flow in travelling from enjoyment to something deeper. Your interactions are likely to take on a more dreamy and imaginative quality. Flow changes from a broad and brazen approach to a softer and more seductive set of circumstances. You are likely to find this a more enjoyable approach personally as it’s less frenetic for a start. You will also find pleasure in just the act of being more focused and targeted in your interactions, ideas and efforts. It will allow you to go deeper in your interactions.


Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, November, 2017, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy, Personal, Development, Productivity

The Allure Of Feedom, Job Rascon, Unsplash (CC0)


Seek to romance those with whom you would like to work. Chat them up. Respond to them rather than reacting to them. Take a little more time. Consider.

There is still the allure of Freedom but now it’s creative and personal. Deeply personal. And there’s room for it to get more personal still. (No, not like that…)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Puer (24) in the 12th house (Libra). The obvious meaning here is to actively (Puer) try and seek a balance (Libra). But as this is in the 12th house there is more to it. Here you will need to uncover ways to make sense of what is going on. You’ll find there is no one, single, right way. The best we can say for this is that the best way will be the way that works and gets the job done.

It may be a little bit against your nature to try this but you may find it helpful to just keep trying different combinations. Try out new thoughts and new ideas. A sympathetic audience will generally see where you’re trying to go and will allow you room to experiment in your efforts. Continue to charm them.

The key will be to seek out what is right for everyone. Be prepared to have what is right be different from what you believe should be right in an ideal world.

And the way to find what is right…?

Go where the energy of the situation takes you. That way at least you will be swimming with the tide.



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